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Colorado pastor who mocked AIDS deaths and spread vaccine conspiracy theories dies from COVID-19

By Sarah K. Burris

September 13, 2021

Christian radio host Bob Enyart became infamous during his career for reading obituaries from people who died of AIDS while playing the Queen song "Another One Bites the Dust."
Now he's the one who is gone.

After contracting COVID, Enyart ended up in the hospital after caring for his wife with the virus, and he lasted less than two weeks with the disease. The announcement was made by Real Science Radio co-host Fred Williams, the Friendly Atheist reported. Williams posted the news on Facebook.

He was "one of the smartest, and without question the wisest person I've known," said Williams.

Enyart not only refused to get a COVID vaccine, he believed a false conspiracy theory that researchers "tested these three products [vaccines] on the cells of aborted babies." Testing vaccines on anything dead wouldn't work because there would be no blood to deliver the vaccine to the system.

LGBTQ broadcaster Dan Savage tweeted that he actually "teared up" at the news, saying,

"My friends who died of AIDS were mocked and condemned by this asshole and others like him. Each and every one of my dead friends would've been first in line to get vaccinated against HIV to protect themselves and others. AND OTHERS. Not just themselves. And this guy couldn't be bothered to get vaccinated against COVID even to protect himself. He encouraged others to put themselves at risk. To put others at risk. He was the moral equivalent of some as*hole poking holes in condoms in 1986."
"This is a guy who filed a lawsuit against Colorado's COVID restrictions, only to have a Trump-appointed judge grant a temporary restraining order that allowed indoor churches to open to the masses without having to wear masks. How many people caught the virus because of that irresponsible lawsuit?" the FriendlyAtheist asked.


Dan Savage Rips Anti-Vax Radio Host Famous For Mocking AIDS Deaths After He Dies Of COVID

When the news that right-wing, homophobic radio host Bob Enyart had died began to circulate, author and LGBTQ+ activist Dan Savage reminded his followers why Enyart's death comes as a relief to many gay men.

Enyart died on September 13 of complications related to Covid-19. He'd refused to get vaccinated and often railed against mask mandates to curb the virus.

Since Enyart died, Fred Williams, his co-host on "Real Science Radio," has memorialized him as someone who was "exceedingly kind and humble, and always, always willing to listen and discuss anything you wanted."

But that's not how Dan Savage remembers Enyart.

In the 1990s, as the host of Bob Enyart Live, Enyart became notorious for reading out the names of people who'd died of AIDs-related illnesses to the tune of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."

Queen's lead singer, Freddie Mercury, died in 1991 of AIDS-related complications.

Savage says that upon learning of Enyart's death, he cried as he recalled the many friends he lost to the AIDS epidemic.

"Honestly. I teared up when I heard this guy was dead. My friends who died of AIDS were mocked and condemned by this a****** and others like him."
"Each and every one of my dead friends would've been first in line to get vaccinated against HIV to protect themselves and others."

Savage went on to say Enyart's pushback against efforts to curb the virus, ultimately "encouraged others to put themselves at risk."

He added he is "glad" Enyart is dead and hopes the way Enyart went out gave him time to pause and reflect on the consequences of his actions.

"I'm sorry, but I'm glad he's dead. And I'm glad he died the way he did."
"I hope he didn't suffer — really — but I hope he finally was able to see himself for what he was and had some time to think about what he did and felt some degree of remorse."

Enyart, who was also a pastor of Denver Bible Church, was well known for his anti-science stances in recent months.

He filed a lawsuit last year seeking to exempt Denver churchgoers from Covid-19 restrictions.

He and his wife, Cheryl, had refused to take any of the available vaccines, claiming they'd been created using aborted fetuses.
They do not.
Last month, he encouraged his listeners to "boycott" the vaccines "to further increase social tension and put pressure on the child killers."
Cheryl Enyart has also tested positive for Covid-19. She is still ill.


John Bellamy Comments: Excuse the language - but what an old cunt. What a vile human being.
I really do try and see the good in people and always will, but there are some people and some instances that just - leave you lost for words that anyone could - actually - be and say and act in such vile ways and expect to get away with it, and coming from a man of the cloth, is despicable.
He who calls himself a man of God yet damns and destroys other peoples lives out of fear, as that's all it is , fear,
of his own sexuality, his own fear of loss, of loneliness, of being ignored and not adored, of having no one listen to him, so attacks innocent people to make a point, and the point is - he is afraid of the very people he damns and destroys and I hold my head in shame when I say THANK GOD HE IS DEAD AND HE DIED OF COVID, the very thing he was against and disbelieved.
Maybe not that spiritual of me. Not that enlightened, who knows.

As for his wife, maybe she deserves all she gets as well - karma - or maybe he bullied her and she was afraid of him - or maybe she was the one who stirred him up to a frenzy of disbelief - we shall never know.

That was my initial thought when I read and started putting this together for you and I do - sadly - believe he is in a better place - or more to the point, he is somewhere - anywhere else other than annoying and offending and attacking innocent people any more and we are all better off without this asshole.

This man of the cloth, this DJ on Christian Radio ( this is America ) had a warped sense of reality if he thought the good Lord was not as grieved at the loss of a gay man to Aids as he is a women of cancer, or an OAP to old age - or any death - as God does not judge - people like this so called man of God - this Bob Enyart here on Earth judges and the manner in which they discriminate and destroy other peoples lives, destroys the religious message, destroys the concept of a loving God and destroys the whole idea of any religion being about beauty and love - when so many of these Priests - Reverends - Rabbi's - Imam's and anyone involved with any religion that limits and destroys, that damns and persecutes, that hounds and hunts down anyone and anything that is a little different or - that scares the bejesus out of them... like women do to the average man - ( men are scared shitless of women and so bully and push them down in order to feel more in control and more manly when all they do is make themselves look like scared little boys afraid of the female the Mother, Sister, Lover, Wife ) and the same goes for those within the LGBT world, where straight men are ONLY afraid of gay men because they feel the urge, the tendency in themselves and so push away and bully to prove how it does NOT affect them yet their words and aggressive actions show fear - and that shows an interest hidden behind an aggressive act of denial, yet the denial is a denial of the truth - and is all one big fuck up really of scared men scared of sex and scared of admitting truths about their core self.

Anyone who damns another is unworthy and unenlightened, and coming from a man of God is - actually - crystal clear NOT to be from a man of God at all as ANYONE claiming such fear and aggression towards another innocent person, is suspect and dangerous and is clearly not a man of God at all, but a hypocrite - a liar, an attention seeker and someone using words and meanings from the Bible to back up his claims but he is misreading and misquoting MASSIVELY in order for the ignorant to back him up.

He is dead.

He will be missed by many.

He will NOT be missed by anyone in the LGBT world or anyone within his own church he infected who will now become ill and maybe die because of this ' so called ' man of God.
How unenlightened, unspiritual and UnGodly can you be.



Biden signed an executive order requiring all government employees be vaccinated against Covid-19, with no option of being regularly tested to opt out. Is this unconstitutional and an attack on personal freedom?

No it is not unconstitutional. As a matter of fact, the constitution has a clause regarding public health and the greater good of the country. That right there makes it constitutional.

About this “ attack on personal freedoms" you mention, bite me. I am completely fed up with this “ me, me, me" garbage. I'm going to let you in on a little tip. It's not about you. It's about all of us. It's about your neighbors, your family, your coworkers and total strangers. See, “ me" is nowhere in that equation. It's about everyone. It's not red or blue, black or white, rich or poor, smart or dumb as a rock.

Occasionally, being human beings, we are asked to do difficult things to contribute to a functional society. During WWII, food was rationed. Want a Hershey bar? Tough luck. All the chocolate went to the troops. New car or house? Nope. All construction and manufacturing went to the war effort. Meat was only available if you grew the livestock yourself. Did we see protests and uprisings because we couldn't get these thing? No, because everyone knew that these sacrifices were for the greater good.

It sickens me that a fair portion of our country is so incredibly selfish by not taking even the simplest precautions , like wearing a mask, or getting a vaccine. An an attack on “ Muh freedom?" Horse crap. That's about as unAmerican as you can get.

When you're asked to do something that benefits everyone, it might be an inconvenience, but an attack on your freedom? Nah, bruh, like I said, it's not about you.

Hey, maybe at the end of this, we can give out participation trophies? Would that make you more likely to get with the program?



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