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Competition for the elderely


WIN A FREE WEEKEND FOR 2 ( Double or Twin )

This is aimed at the over 50's and the first winning entry drawn from a bucked randomly on December 1st 2020 - will win.

e mail your answers to -

before December 1st 2020

1) Noel Coward was a famous - what ?

A) Playwrite

B) Play Boy

C) Play Girl Centre Fold

D) Played for Manchester United

2) Doris Day was born where ? A) Watford

B) San Francisco

C) Cincinnati

D) Hollywood

3) Who was the oldest person in the UK to have a Number One Album ? A) Lulu

B) Dame Shirley Bassey C) Dame Vera Lynn

D) Boy George

4) Olivia de Havilland was in what classic movie ?

A) Jaws B) Wizard of Oz C) The Godfather

D) Gone With The Wind

5) Judy Gardland starred in what movie that is still shown every Christmas ?

A) It's a Wonderful Life

B) Sound of Music

C) The Wizard of Oz

D) Home Alone at Christmas

6) Julie Andrews is famous for what major movie ?

A) The Sound of Silence

B) Debbie Does Dallas

C) Wizard of Oz

D) The Sound of Music

7) Joan Crawford and Bette Davis starred in what film together ?

A) Mildred Pierce B) I saw what you did C) Montanna Moon

D) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

8) Who directed the movie ' The Birds.' ?

A) Alfred Tennison

B) Albert Docks

C) Alfred the Great D) Alfred Hitchcock

9) Who wrote 'Pomp and Circumstance' March No. 5 in C

A) Edward Elgar

B) Edgar Cayce

C) Edward Ellington

D) Eddie Cantor

10) Where is Land of Hope & Glory played yearly ? A) Al