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Competition for the elderely


WIN A FREE WEEKEND FOR 2 ( Double or Twin )

This is aimed at the over 50's and the first winning entry drawn from a bucked randomly on December 1st 2020 - will win.

e mail your answers to -

before December 1st 2020

1) Noel Coward was a famous - what ?

A) Playwrite

B) Play Boy

C) Play Girl Centre Fold

D) Played for Manchester United

2) Doris Day was born where ? A) Watford

B) San Francisco

C) Cincinnati

D) Hollywood

3) Who was the oldest person in the UK to have a Number One Album ? A) Lulu

B) Dame Shirley Bassey C) Dame Vera Lynn

D) Boy George

4) Olivia de Havilland was in what classic movie ?

A) Jaws B) Wizard of Oz C) The Godfather

D) Gone With The Wind

5) Judy Gardland starred in what movie that is still shown every Christmas ?

A) It's a Wonderful Life

B) Sound of Music

C) The Wizard of Oz

D) Home Alone at Christmas

6) Julie Andrews is famous for what major movie ?

A) The Sound of Silence

B) Debbie Does Dallas

C) Wizard of Oz

D) The Sound of Music

7) Joan Crawford and Bette Davis starred in what film together ?

A) Mildred Pierce B) I saw what you did C) Montanna Moon

D) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

8) Who directed the movie ' The Birds.' ?

A) Alfred Tennison

B) Albert Docks

C) Alfred the Great D) Alfred Hitchcock

9) Who wrote 'Pomp and Circumstance' March No. 5 in C

A) Edward Elgar

B) Edgar Cayce

C) Edward Ellington

D) Eddie Cantor

10) Where is Land of Hope & Glory played yearly ? A) Albert Dock

B( Albert Square

C) Royal Albert Hall D) The Royal Arms ( Farnham )

11) Who sang 'Leaning On The Lamp Post'

A) George Best B) Boy George

C) George Fornby D) George Clooney

12) Who sang 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy'

A) The Carpenters B) The Osmonds

C) The Andrew Sisters D) The Jackson Five

13) Opportunity Knocks was originally hosted by

A) Bob Monkhouse

B) Hughie Green

C) All Parker

D) Bruce Forsyth

14) The Fugitive (TV Series 1963–1967) starred

A) David Janssen

B) David Copperfield

C) David Duchovny

B) David Carradine

15) Top Of The Pops ran between which dates

A) 1 January 1962 - 30 July 2004

B) 1 January 1964 - 30 July 2006

C) 1 January 1966 - 30 July 2008

D) 1 January 1968 - 30 July 2010

16) Who hosted ' Take your Pick' from 1955 to 1968

A) Hughie Jackman B) Hughie Green

C) Michael Withers

D) Michael Miles

17) What TV Quiz Show did Monica Rose co host ?

A) Double Your Money

B) Double your Pleasure

C) Wheel of Fortune D) The Price in Right

18) Who said ' Evening all' in Dixon of Dock Green

A) Robert Cartwright

B) Jack Hargreaves

C) Robert Miller

D) Jack Warner


The winner will be notified by e mail on December 2nd 2020 offering a 2 night with BB&EM stay at Hamilton Hall freely available any period between January 1st and July 30th 2021

( Not available on a Workshop / Special Event weekend although is available for Naked Chill Out events. No monetary value. Date change incurrs a £25 charge. The winner can give the prize to another as long as Hamilton Hall has been notified. Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal for 2 persons for 2 nights. Double Bed or Twin Bedded Room. Extra nights may be added as standard £ rate. usual Cancellation Policy applies )

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