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con artists strike again, or try to.

Above is the e mail address for Jonathan, a thieving, lying, cheating bastard who is trying to get my bank details to send me a donation for all the work we undertake ' for the children ' - ( which we don't do - so from the start is clearly an absolute con ) and I put it here as a warning to you all to be vigilant against assholes out to con you through e mail.

He wrote stating how he admired the work we do, and as I read it - it soon became apparent he was talking about some children's charity and not us at all, and as I KNEW this was a con, a lie, a manipulation to get money, I played the game and answered how thrilled I was they were willing to donate to my business.

I never mentioned what we do or anything.

He answered asking for who to make a cheque payable to ( who on earth uses cheques these days ) so I answered offering the credit card details and he answered somewhat pissed off that he needed the bank name.

So I told him Hamilton Hall.

Again he answered - again irritated that he meant BANK not my business name so I answered COUTTS.

( I do NOT bank at Coutts... )

I waited to hear again as you and I both know this is a con, and he will ask my banking details next and I may give him a ton of fake information just to waste his time and let him know we are not all fools and do recognise a thieving asshole from the very first e mail.

Now I could have just deleted and got on with my day, but as I get these kind of e mails frequently - I am an advertised business remember - and as there are MANY cons out there aimed at business like mine, I answer, I take the piss, I waste their time, I give them false hope and if my actions stop them stealing from someone else, then my work here is done.

I get time wasters and tossers all the time, and is nothing new and is not just restricted to gay venues, although with so much mental health in the LGBT world, we also get our fare share of insane e mails and very strange people trying it on and having been a street wise sex worker, I am no ones fool and can sense it as soon as I see it and - so far - I have not lost out.

Be careful guys. There are a lot of thieving bastards out there after your money and they don't give a damn for you or anyone else.



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