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Council blasted for publishing £51k job advert 'excluding white people' from applying

Council blasted for publishing £51k job advert 'excluding white people' from applying

Story by Richard Ashmore

John Bellamy Notes: If I advertised just for white staff, I would be prosecuted and blamed for being racist - prosecuted and outed in the media - yet isn't this racism at the hands of officialdom ?

A council has been slammed for 'accidentally' putting up an advert 'excluding white people from applying for a job'.

( Accidentally ??? - WTF does that mean - Accidentally - When CLEARLY this was thought through and accepted and acknowledged as the way to fill quotas and these morons at the council thought it okay to be racist because it was filling quotas.)

Reviewing some of 'stories you may have missed' in the past 12 months comedian and GB News presenter Leo Kearse focused on a few examples including one from Glasgow City Council last year.

He said: "Glasgow Council put out an advert excluding white people from applying for a job. Bear in mind Scotland is 96 percent white, how is excluding almost every candidate going to help find the best candidate?"

Speaking on GB News Mr Kearse added that GCC apologised saying the advert was not meant to be "made public", to which the comedian said: "As if keeping racism secret is meant to be ok."

The Scottish Daily Express reports shortly after GCC took down the advert, the council said it becoming public was an administrative error but the content was in line with their initiative, permitted under equality laws, to have a more diverse teaching staff.

The £51,000 a year job description said: "Education Services seeks to appoint 2 highly motivated, experienced and dynamic individuals with an excellent track record in Primary/Secondary/ASL teaching and who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic."

Speaking about the advert posting in May last year, Mr Kearse, who regularly appears on GB News said: "What's racist today? Today the Scottish government is racist, excluding white people from applying for jobs (in a country that's 96% white)"

A spokesperson for GCC said at the time: "Glasgow's school population is very diverse and it is important that we make sure that our workforce reflects this."

During his round-up the Mr Kearse also highlighted an inquiry that found the RAF was discriminating against white male applicants in a bid to boost diversity.

Speaking during a monologue on GB News Mr Kearse said the drive for diversity "only went in one direction" but he added that the strategy was "bad for diversity hires too", adding "it places a question mark over their true ability".


So here we have a council betraying the law on equality and acting in a very clear and obviously racist manner while SCREAMING at the public is we were ever to do such a thing. When a local Chinese restaurant refused Caucasian staff members for Chinese workers, they were in trouble locally and had to pay a heavy fine - yet the council can do what they please and the double standards at play here are appalling. And illegal.


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