(COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests

I had my second vaccine injection this week and it was all very efficient and professionally handled. I had the astrazeneca vaccine and have had absolutely no side effects - and as much as the very few like to find fault and complain all the damned time, I just wish these moaners would come up with an alternative or keep their mouths shut. There is a great deal of stress and anxiety around the world because of Covid and these Covid Deniers and those who claim the vaccine is dangerous with absolutely no knowledge of what they are talking about - cause nothing but trouble.

Contagion is a 2011 American thriller film directed by Steven Soderbergh and its ensemble cast includes Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Ehle, and Sanaa Lathan.

In the story a bat -eaten by a pig, then eaten by humans causes all the trouble and one man in the story - Jude Law - is a denier of the facts and goes on a tirade through social media to share the truth about the contagion and as it turns out, he is a liar, an attention seeker, someone who has not had the disease and has not cured himself with a drug claimed ( like Trump with bleach and disinfectant ) and he causes many to die unnecessarily because of his diatribe that some believe.

Same goes for Covid 19.

There are those deniers who are marching against wearing mask and who deny the vaccine works and all sorts and all without a single piece of genuine knowledge as to what is going on and not a single verifyable point to anything they say and all this does is cause Covid to be caught by these unmasked fools and adds extra stress to those who do not know what to believe, like the elderly, who are staying in for months and watch Boris saying one thing and then some dumb bitch from nowhere in the news screaming misinformation and lies and many - quite simply - panic.

Look at the m ega churches in America where thousands were bussed in without masks by ministers who DELIBERATELY stated that Jesus would protect them, and then within weeks the very minister who claimed protection - have Covid and die - and I have absolutely no sympaty for him what-so-ever - and little sympoathy for those dumb MFers who went along believing what this ' so called Man of God;' said compared to officials in government and medical experts. As far as I am concerned, BLIND FAITH SERVES NO ONE AND M0ST OF ALL GOD - as God and Jesus would be ashamed - DEEPLY DEEPLY ASHAMED that their words and their meanings were being so distorted by these fucked up attention seeking ministers AND ASHAMED AND APPALLED at how mass people are being put at serious risk of a global pandemic by these highly irresponsible ministers just needing their audiuance - and not in the name of God = Jesuys or anyone /. anything - it is all about attention to the ministyer - being seen and being heard and being the saviour of his flock -0 when this guardian of the flock might as well spit in everyone's face as the actyuial level of care - of love - of watching out for his flock - is no more than murder.

This minister - and all that organise such events ( like the gay men renting a boat for a fuck party in Mexico that sank and scores had to be rescued during a pandemic when we were all told to stay indoors and self isolate ... dumb fuck wits ) deserve all that comes their way and if that means they die, then maybe the world is a better place without them. They cause havoc. They cause distrust. They cause untold disharmony and they cause their flock to follow a man who is wrong - DEAD wrong, and like the Poed Piper, will lead his flock to the edge of the cliff where they will all throw themselves off because he said to do so.

After this is all over, and it will end, people will be reassessing who did and who did not - who helped and who was a pain in the ass - who aided and who hassled - who they found they could trust and who they could not - and many will find that afterwards the world will look at their actions and with a judgemental eye, see them for exactly what they are and what they have - or have not - done - and will realise that many of these so called ' do gooders' who actually did nothing buy cause trouble - as they were nothing more than attention seekers - incompetant - like many community groups who have failed their members, churches who have gone astray, politicians like those within the EU who have BIG TIME FUCKED UP, and we shall look at those who gave it their best and worked hard to help, and people will remember.

There are numerous gay groups that members have not heard a word from since all this started and now it looks to be coming to an end are busily making plans and offering things for the future but offered NOTHING AT ALL for their members during - and just abandoned everyone cold - and the members have written to me here as we are here, we are in touch with tens of thousands every week, and we are offering so much to help keep mind, body and soul together for our community. Shame on those who run and hide but expect all the attention when this ends while doing and offering NOTHING AT ALL of themselves, and people will take note when this does end.

Use this service to order free packs of rapid lateral flow
tests to be sent to your home in England.
A pack of tests contains 7 tests. You can order one pack per household each day.

Who this service is for:-

You can only use this service if:-

  1. you do not have coronavirus symptoms you live in England you’re 18 or older you have not been told to self-isolate you cannot get tests from your work, school, college or university (ask them for rapid lateral flow tests)

Watch on youtube how to use the kit - HERE





John: I have been locked up at home and just go to the shops to buy food so have felt quite safe. However - I found and applied and took a Covid 19 Self Test - Rapid Antigen Test - and it was so easy to do and so good to be able to do at home and when it showed I was negative, it was a relief even though I knew it should be. Jim.

Because of Brexit, we sold our place in Spain and came home to out cottage in Somerset just in time for Covid. I am so pleased we did as several friends in Spain have died of Covid and the mess the EU have made over the vaccine rollout and the different countries finding fault with various vaccines, just shows how the UK is miles ahead of those idiots in the EU and they deserve everything they get... No sympathy except for the people who have to live under these incompetant beurocrats who are just in it for the ego trip. Melvyn.

John: You won't remember me but I have been in prison this last year and upon release was tested for Covid and was negative. This amazed me as there is Covid inside the prison system and while they are doing all they can - and doing a good job of keeping people safe while in prison, I was convinced I would be positive even though showing no symptoms. I returned to living with my partner and out of respect - he ordered some home test kits called 'Rapid Antigen Tests' as I needed to check him as much as he needed to check me, and the service was amazing. It was ordered on Monday and arrived the following day - with 7 tests in, so we can check each week. We are both negative and so thankful to have this test and saves me having to go into lockdown upon leaving one prison and enter another. If in doubt, get a test kit and check for yourself. Name withheld .

John: Maybe you could check your guests when they arrive and if positive, they would not be welcome. Glen.

John; I was in lockdown with Covid at home for nearly 3 weeks during lockdown as I visited a family member in hospital and am convinced I was exposed to it there even though wearing a mask. My partner was not exp[osed even though we were home together for a couple of days after the hospital appointment and track and trace pohoned and e mailed throughout the 3 weeks to ensure I was genuinely in lockdown, and I came out the other side after just a couple of bad nights, and am now fine. I had my first jab 3 weeks ago now and am just waiting for the next to be facilitated. I am very thankjful to be in the UK and not some place in Europe where the mess over the vaccine seems to be out of control.


Well done John. There are some advantages to being an old fart, we get vaccines first. Tim.



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