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Covid Deniers are dangerous

I read in the paper today that a family were stopped at the Euro Tunnel on the way to Switzerland for a skiing holiday.The nexty day I read about others being stopped trying to use EuroTunnel to visit a Yoga Retreat Weekend in France - and another family of 4 in an expensive car that ha

come from Coventry to Dorset to visit Durdle Dore and were stopped by police, - and their vehicle confiscated as it was not taxed or insured;- so the journey home would not have been much fun for a family with 2 children having to take a train or a coach and with no masks with them, they would not have been allowed on the train / coach without one and this was a very hard and difficult lesson for these moronic parents to have experienced in front of theirr children.

You see it outside schools - where Social Distancing is paramount in the school BUT DEAR GOD the parents crowd together outside at 'Home Time' with no masks, no social distancing AT ALL and the scrum of parents and children is a no wonder more schools are closing, teachers and pupils in quarantine and the virus spreads untouched.


It's not just about protecting the NHS.

It's about helping society and every person in it - survive.

It's about ensuring the survival of as many as we can and not about putting others at risk and acting like a complete cunt. Which all these examples above have shown themselves to be - nothing more - nothing less. Just self centred cunts.

If you don't like the language used, then you are as much a part of the problem as the people who put others at risk - as the subject is what is important and if you take offense at the words I use, then you need to get your head in gear and realise we are talking about life and death - murder - of tens of thousands - at the hands of these morons and if the language is what you complain about, then you are just the same - a self centred cunt.

These people are not worthy.

We see them in towns complaining about having to wear a mask and if they had their human rioghts taken away from them and were then boarded in their homes for months on end and food and refreshments passed through a hole daily - like in China, then you might complain but under the circumstances, these idiots need jailing and fining and taking out of the public domain before they destropy someone else s lives with spreading the virus and they deserve no sympathy at all. None. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

I remember the HIV deniers back in the 80's. I saw them die off one at a time and leave the rest of us alive and well because we took note and practiced Safe Sex and these deniers just fucked away and died within the first few years - still denying and still lying to others. They have been dead over 30 years and all the while, I am alive and kicking.

Stay at home people.

Stop thinking it will get back to ' normal' any time soon as - clearly - it is not. This will go on for a long time yet as the world copes with various changes to the virus in different locations and people, YES PEOPLE - take it around the world and pass it on and the variants kill and destroy communities and peoples lives are not just lost, but those surviving have underlying Covid problems - and thses could last a lifetime.

Expecting a return to normal any time soon is naive.

Stay at home and for god's sake, grow the fuck up if you think this is fake or you cannot wait to get out and about and fuck your brains out, go skiing and travel as normal.





Some of your coments:

Dear John. I am fed up with reading about gay men cruising for sex during this pandemic.

I am sick of the bad reputation the few offer the vast majority. These selfish bastards are noit part of any humanity I belong to and those complaining need to grow a pair and gorw up. I agree with your sentiment John, I truly do. Malcolm. It may be boring being inside all the time for some, but I have been my Mothers carer for the last 15 years and have had a rather isolated life - seeing only the District Nurse when she visits and a few neighbours, so nothing much has changed for me. Oliver.

John. I completely agree with your sentiments about those mother fuckers who decide they want to go party and leave others at risk of transmission. That gay poarty boat in Mexico absoloutely disgusted me, absolutely disgusted me. Some faggots are so unworthy and all they do is get the LGBT community a very bad name. Tom

John. Clearly these Covid Denyers assume China has NOT recently closed a city of over 20 million - with absolutely no way in and no way out - barricaded into their homes and everything is brought to your door by the authorities - food etc. as you are blocked from going out. 20 million people are prisoners in their own homes by the authorities and these people in the US and UK who deny it is real REALLY need to wake up and see what is happening and see th dangers they are advertising for the vulnerable who might follow. Billions are suiffering and to those who say it is fake - I want to slap then John, really really really hard until theu wake the F up. Stewart. ----------------------

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