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covid deniers - your stories

John: You are such a wonderful man. My thoughts exactly on this pandemic. Thank you for telling all the pieces of shit out there that seem to want to give covid to anyone, what pieces of shit they are. I love you for being the way you are. Keep the hate away from your lovely hotel for men. One of these days I'm going to get there. You are an amazing man.
Love, always. Mike ( USA )

John. Well said. Your comments on not letting un vaxed people into Hamilton Hall, I totally back you on this and support you 100%. These morons should be made to pay for their own hospitalization if they catch Covid and pay in full, or have the fucking jab. It really annoys me John and so glad to see you taking a stand for your business. Robert ( London )


John: As always. Love the Blog this week and the video of Bournemouth Prom was superb ( HERE ). Your comments on those who refuse to believe Covid is real and / or refuse to be vaccinated is exactly my views as well John. These people are slowing down the healing process by spreading it further and these fools deserve everything they get and innocent people infected by them are the victim of abuse by the unvaccinated. They should be jailed as those who deliberately spread HIV were jailed. Disgusting human beings. Martin .

John: So you banned your best friend because he is anti vax and has not had the jabs against Covid ? That is brave of you John as this will / could ruin relationships between those who believe and get vaccinated and those who foolishly play games with everyone's health by refusing to believe and refusing to be vaccinated. After this all ends we will see a very different political climate as those who have not helped and waffled and bullshitted and in many cases, lied to the public, will find themselves out of a job and no one will want them - and in family life it will be the same, those who took care and worried and protected will be harsh on those who opposed and fought against and this will ruin some family lives and friendships. We see people very differently in times of stress and need and worry - and many will not have done themselves any favours. You, John, have been a leading light in all of this and helped keep many sane and sexed up and alive during a time when we all felt life was passing us by. Your Blog really has helped keep me - personally, keep it together and being in the knowledge that someone cared enough to keep in touch and keep me motivated and interested, helped enormously. I am a member of the ECC and have not heard anything from them at all until recently when travel restrictions and holidays were relaxed and then suddenly there they are begging for custom and I don't think they deserve my membership any more as they abandoned their members to nothing at all during the entire lockdown and I found that appalling. Not a single e mail. Not a single thing. The committee pulled up the draw bridge and went into hiding. You - cared enough to START the Blog and I appreciate it costs a great deal to send out through one of those bulk e mail carriers and know this costs you thousands of £ a year, and top marks to you John. Top marks.

John. Love you to bits. Absolutely love you to bits. This pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in people and I have been surprised how many have ceased any connection with their members, their guests, their patrons completely and considering we are all on e mail these days and how easy it is to keep in touch, you John and Hamilton Hall is the only venue, the only person and the only organization besides Peter Tatchell who has made a serious attempt in keeping in touch, keeping me entertained and keeping me sane. Love the nudes and love the articles and it does sadden how some gay organisations have done nothing at all. Oh their arrogance - their attitude - will claim to have been the savior, the hero, the Christ - and many will suck it up and demand fame and attention FOR DOING NOTHING UNTIL THE VERY END while people like you have been there for us throughout. I take my hat ( and clothes ) off to you John. I truly feel you are a role model like Peter Tatchell, in a very different way and between the two of you have helped me keep in touch and keep me gay in a world where I am surrounded by women ( wife, 3 daughters - mother in law, 3 sisters and two spinster Aunts... all women and your Blog and pictures helped me stay true to me core as a gay man. Thanks John. Keep it up.

David. Cambridge

(John Answers ) Thanks guys and yes, it cost an extra £1,600 a year to send out the Blog each week through a bulk e mail business package and this money has to be found from my own pocket during a time when income had stopped and ever since March 2020 had been decidedly less than half what we should be taking and with massive bills still needing to be paid, we HAVE NOT pulled up the drawbridge and gone into hiding, as THIS IS THE TIME WHEN PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE and not just vanish until it is all over, and I have received over 100 e mails from people, who, like David and George above, have been severely let down by organisations claiming to be there for them and yet have abandoned completely.

When it comes to the gay community - IT IS BASICALLY SHIT and you are best to make your own community around you of people you know and trust and leave the rest to themselves UNTIL THEY PROVE THEMSELVES WORTHY and sadly, during and throughout this pandemic MANY HAVE NOT. John Bellamy





Dear John. Love this weeks Blog. Totally agree about those who refuse to get vaccinated being morons. My sister-in-law follows that theory and my brother - her husband - insisted everyone got vaccinated and she refused ;- so he made her move into the caravan they have at the end of the garden and he and the kids were safe in the house and he locked her out - put new locks on the doors and everything and gave her an ultimatum, get vaccinated or live alone in the caravan. He cooks and cleans and looks after the 2 kids and she still will not get vaccinated and so is banned from the house and as much as she complains, the teenage children are completely behind their dad in this and Mother is seen as the fool, and they even call her Covic Karen ( not even her name ) and even the Grandparents on both sides have supported the father against the Mother, even her own parents think she is being foolish, especially with 2 teenage children at school / home...

She is furious with the family and this could end their relationship but as everyone tells her, this is all her doing - her choice - her determination that she DOES NOT want to help protect her children at all, her care and love as a Mother protecting her young is non existent and all she does is think about herself.

Well - 3 weeks ago she tested positive and everyone in the house - negative - and she was forced into complete isolation in the caravan and only saw people through the window and the kids avoided her at all costs - something that upsets her but, not enough to change her mind about having the vaccine.

She was mildly ill and after 2 weeks was okay and clear - but she STILL stood by her anti vax mentality and is still in the caravan and now, out of anger, is trying to split the family and it is not working. Their two boys think Mum is crazy and are embarrassed by her and the eldest - 16 year old - absolutely lost it with her recently shouting at his own Mother that while he loved her, she clearly DID NOT love him or she would be vaccinated, and while tears fell on all sides, she wouldn't budge and just like his Mother, neither would he.

It is going to be really hard reconciling this family back into a family again after all this as it has caused splits in relationships, it has caused the boys to see their Mother differently and it has put a barrier between my brother and his wife as he cannot abide this action she has chosen and after trying for so long to be gentle and caring, loving and a good husband, he has now told me he doesn't care any more as she is not the women he married and her complete lack of consideration for her own children has angered him deeply, and he says he cannot trust her being a good Mother any more if she is going to put their lives at deliberate risk.

I do laugh because for a while I was helping brother with shopping and school runs etc. and we have become closer and the kids as well thoroughly enjoy having Uncle Blah Blah around a lot more and especially grateful during this harsh climate of loneliness and isolation for many, the kids were bored and I cheer them up with stories from my time in the Police Force and we have shared some great evenings laughing while good old Mother is alone in the caravan missing out. She use to be a lovely woman but how some people have a very different side to them when the chips are down. This is happening all over the country, and like Brexit that put family member against family member, where rows and fights ensued between good dear friends and where relationships are strained beyond repair, Covids lasting memory will be the destruction not only of life, but of relationships. Sorry to go on John., I appreciate you need input for the Blog and you can use this, just not my name. ( name withheld )