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Covid: EU tightens exports of vaccines potentially putting UK supply at risk

If ever there was proof needed that we are best out of the EU, this is the time.

The more you read the more you realise we really are best out of that organisation that seems unable to get its act together in the face of a national emergency and then throw shit into the fan and blame everyone else and then take from those who planned ahead and all because they got it wrong.

Makes me so frustrated and angry that these people, these organisations, get away with being such blatant incompetant fools, while claiming billions from those who trust they will offer a good service and the arrogance, dear God the arrogance is astounding and says a great deal about ego and having matching narcism to Trump.

One day those in power within the EU will learn what a mistake they made by loosing the UK and when more countries look at their actions, especially over the Covid fuck up, they may find more countries willing to undego Brexit as others realise the EU murdered EU citizens with a complete and utter lack of forethought.

I appreciate we are all going to make mistakes as there is no precidence for any government and everyone is 'winging it' and no one has all the answers and mistakes are going to be made.

No government will survive this.

When this is all over - in whatever way it will eventually be 'over' - not a single government will escape unscathed and undamaged by their mistakes - as mistakes will happen - and blaiming others and claiming untruths to cover their own irresponsible behaviour and lack of forethought, will - like Trump, have to pay the price.

And it will be a big price to pay as more countries see the dangers involved in staying in the EU when its incompetance over Covid is clear - when in the face of an emergency, it lumbers along like some great leviathon crossing the 't's' and dotting the 'i's' and who seem more concerned with adhering to the red tape than getting the job done and lives saved.

Narcissm runs deep within the EU and it is more about them than actually offering competance and a good service to the people who pay their excessive wages and expect - when faced with a global pandemic, to at least try and get it right and not cause and create infighting between member states because you got it wrong.

When you make a mistake, you hold up your hands and say ' Guilty ' and apologise and then put it right.

You do not blame others - as every child is taught that is immature - it is avoidance and it is not what we expect from the EU, but maybe, and saldy, it IS what we expect from the EU and hence, we left.

Maybe we got out just in time.

John Bellamy


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