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Think this all fake ? Think it all hyped out of control ? Think it all a conspiracy. Think you are immune and Heavenly Protected - WELL THINK AGAIN.

John: One of my pupils lost both her parents to Covid and is now an orphan. She is 15 and I am one of her teachers. Her parents were both found to be Covid Positive and taken almost immediately into hospital as they both had severe breathing problems and both died within days of each other - and now this poor child is reliant on moving in with relatives she hardly knows, and THIS IS REAL FOLKS, THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING to people we know and not just people the other side of the planet. This, is in a Tier 2 area and does bring it home how close, how real this whole thing is. Andrew A.

John. My boyfriend was a true Trump supporter. Went to several non masked meetings with thousands of people and where I told him not to come home afterwards as he would not be welcome, and I even had to put the chain on the door to make sure he did not return ( he went to his own condo for a change ) and within days he was ill, rushed to hospoital and died a week later from Covid, caught we are all certain at one of the Trump meetings. I am angry. I am sad. I am heartbroken and I am glad that 'Super Spreader Trump' - or the 'Mask Denier' - as some have called him, has been beaten in the election and is on his way out. Sadly he will be the cause and the creater of how and why thousands - tens of thousands - will die from Covid and he is the reason tens of thousands of small business will close and go bust and he is the cause of 300,000 Americans dying so far. He should be done for genocide as he absolutely couldn't give a rats ass for the people - it is all about his election and trying to lie and cheat his way back into power and fuck the people.

I appreciate you have Brexit in the UK and good luck dealing with the arrogant French - but at least people are not dying from Brexit. Randolph (Texas )

John: I visited an elderly Aunt in hospital recently as she had had a fall and was held there for a few days while Social Services evaluated her case, and I visited twice - and even though wearing a mask and using hand gell on the way in and again on the way out of the hospital - 2 days later my temperature was 38' and I tested positive for the Corona visus.


So - my advice is to keep well away from hospitals as all are dangerous and contacting a contagous disease by just visiting - tells us how infectious these places of ill health really are - and we need to KEEP THE FUCK AWAY.

Peter. ( Hammersmith. )

John: I shut myself away for 2 weeks inside my own home while the family went about their lives outside of my room. Meals were delivered to my door and everything was multi washed and cleaned . It was a frustrating period and thank goodness for a friend giving me tons of DVD's to watch and binge over. 2 weeks inside the same room is a long time and I felt fine and nothing progressed further. I am now out and about again and all is well. I caught it, I think - in my local hospital where I recently had a blood test for something else and although everyone was all masked and protected, that very same evening was when I started to feel unwell and my temp rose speedily to 38' . I was tested and told to self isolate. Worrying times. Ivan. ( Manchester )

Had someone on Grindr wanting to come over recently to have sex who claimed to not be feeling well and to having a temperature and yet he said he felt fine enough to come over and get fucked and I sent a warning to the group that this man was dangerous and read the riot act at him about passing it on and how he as a danger to others if he could not / would not appreciate the seriousness of Covid 19 and how deadly it is. Did he live or die, I have no idea, but it astounded how many fucking idiots seem to assume it will never happen to them and that they are immune and nothing will ever harm them, and then they pass it onto hundreds of others and they get ill and die and this asshole gets better. Madness. Nigel. John: Met someone on-line. Everything was fine. He coughed a bit and claimed he was a smoker so ... Next day my temp was through the roof. Felt kind of okay just very hot. Had a Covid Test and was positive. Now in isolation for 2 weeks. Called the guy I had sex with and he said he thought he might be positive as he was feeling breathless and coughing a lot more than normal. and I wanted to fucking kill the cunt. He then went for a test and yes, he was positive. Avoidance on his part, being fucking scared to look at the truth, being a mask denier and saying it was all fucking fake news and a conspiracy, and then he spreads the virus to innocent people and I do so want to kill the fucking cunt. Am I angry, too right I am angry. Selfish ignorant cunt. Another few days to go and I am feeling fine but, the worry and the stress has laid me low on their own and difficult to know what is Covid caused and what is emotionally created through fear. Zack.

John Bellamy Answers:-

Zack: You cannot blame others for their stupidity. I am sure he did not mean to spread Covid - if in fact it came from him. We are all victims of this and unlike HIV which needed serious sexual contact;- just touching and inhaling their breath can do it with Covid - and although a lot smaller percentage die from Covid than HIV, it is still nasty and scarey and best keep healthy. You, Zack, chose to engage in sexual contact with a stranger and absolutely need to take stock of reality and how you are largely responsible for your own well being and on this occasion, you failed your self and you your self are the only one truly to blame and not the other guy - as we have all been told what to do and how to protect ourselves and as you could not go without sex - you couldn't keep your dick in your pants for a bit longer - you now pay the price. Stop blaming others and take responsibiluty - YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND WELL BEING - NO ONE ELSE ZACK - so please stop being a victim - stop blaming others, appreciate how ill he might be now and who he caught it from - and understand that it is not all about you and that ultimately, you are in charge of what you do - no one else, and if you put yourself at risk in any manner, YOU are responsible. STOP blaming others, be responsible for your self.

Send in your story and share with us all.


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