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Dangerouds dog



Immediately isolate that dog from other dogs, the elderly and children of any age for the rest of that dogs life.

This means living in a single dog home and continuous leash control when outside of a tightly fenced area or building. And if you frequent Dog Parks…??? Never again.

I would also highly recommend muzzle training for those times when you cannot avoid close contact with other dogs, such as the Vets office or boarding. It sounds harsh, but so is “Behavioral Euthanasia” or a “Judicial Order Of Livestock Destruction” or being sued into poverty when your dog bites someone's child.

Just look what this cute dog did to this oh so cute kid who will now be scared for life. Personally, I think you are nuts, completely nuts, to even think about keeping a dog that has already shown itself to be dangerous. You got yourself a Pitt Bull - and I have to ask - WHY THE FUCK ANYONE WANTS SUCH A DANGEROUS ANIMAL IN THEIR HOMES : - We all know :- We all see and we all read the multiple articles about people being mauled and killed by Pitt Bulls and other such breeds and yet - I cannot fathom for the life of me, WHY THE FUCK YOU WOULD WANT SUCH A DANGEROUS ANIMAL - UNLESS YOU HAVE A VERY SMALL PENIS AND WANT THE DOG TO BE A SYMBOL OF YOU ' DELUSIONAL & IMAGINED ' MASCULINITY.

Having been looking for a new dog after my Weimaraner recently died aged 13, the amount of Pitt Bulls and other such breeds in the Rescue Centres out number all other dogs 5 to 1.

ASK YOURSELF WHY ? I appreciate it all comes down to training, home life, environment and how the dog is treated by its owner, yet we hear of Grannies being mauled and killed while protecting their grandkids from being attacked by the dog - we hear about little girls less than 10 years of age having half their face chewed off - We hear SO MANY instances where a Pitt Bill, that is a family pet and loved and adored and as soft and as gentle as a lamb, TURNS INTO A VISCIOUS BITING MACHINE , and we may never know what spooked the dog, and it may well have been a one time thing, but the dog is a biter.

I had a friends Doberman decades ago and he really was a great big softie, he really was, but there was an afternoon when something spooked the dog and he bit a friend in the face ( he was kneeling beside the dog at the time ) and while it was not him who spooked the dog, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got a full bite in the face and inside his mouth.

Blood everywhere.

Rushed to hospital.

12 stitches later.


The friend was wonderful and told me that if anything happened to that dog, he would have my balls, as it was not the dogs fault, something spooked him.

BOY was I scared.

Almost instantly, and when the friend returned from the hospital, the dog came out very ashamed of himself, tail down, head down, and he knew he was in ' the dog house' and that he had fucked up for himself.

A disabled friend gave me the dog as he could not walk him enough, being disabled, and the dog LOVED IT HERE - great long walks in the woods and he absolutely came into his element of loving these walks, but I had to return him to his previous owner, where he lived another 5 years and died of old age - but grew fat through lack of exercise.

The point was, he knew he had made a serious mistake, you really could see it on his face. The dog himself was crest fallen and when he went back to his previous home, he did look back as if to say sorry.

Tragic - but lucky the friend didn't insist on having him put down, instead of wearing a muzzle from then on when out.

Having a dangerous dog especially with children, or around the elderly, is absolute insanity.


And if you have one as status symbol, the only message it sends to EVERYONE, is that you have a very small penis and everyone around you now knows you have a small pecker.


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