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Darlington woman in her 70s asked which of 18 genders she is…

A woman in her 70s from Darlington found 18 gender options on a patient form, which included “two-spirit” used by indigenous communities.

The paperwork also included "other" as an option for anyone who was not covered by the list.

The form features the traditional male and female choices, but also offers a huge range of other options.

These include passing, two-spirit, third gender, transgender, agender, bigender, cisgender, gender expression, gender fluid, gender queer and gender variant.

Darlington woman in her 70s asked which of 18 genders she is… including ‘Two spirit’© GB News

There is also a “prefer not to say” box to tick for patients who would rather not answer.

An insider said the extensive list is a way of offering “respect and humility” by allowing patients to identify who they are.

Passing refers to a person who perceive their gender as they identify as or attempt to be seen as, rather than the sex they were assigned at birth.

Third gender is when people are categorised as neither a man nor a woman, either by themselves or society, while agender is someone who claims not to have a gender at all.

Bigender is described as a person who experiences two genders, while gender fluid refers to someone who moves between different gender expressions.

Two-spirit is used by indigenous communities and reflects a unique understanding of gender roles.

The outpatient survey was given to a woman in her 70s at Darlington Memorial Hospital in County Durham.

“I’ve no idea what some of these are — I need to learn. It seems like a box-filling exercise, probably from some administrator who should focus on getting waiting lists down," she told The Sun.

Darlington woman in her 70s asked which of 18 genders she is… including ‘Two spirit’© GB News

The NHS has been attempting to gather information on how patients identify to help inform future healthcare.

It comes after the NHS suffered backlash for removing the word 'woman' from cancer and pregnancy web pages.

Workers called for the change after at least 19 female health pages on the website removed the term “woman” or if it used it is accompanied by inclusive language.

The changes include pages on ovarian cancer, uterus cancer, menopause, childbirth and heavy periods.

A total of 1,200 NHS doctors, nurses and health practitioners have shared their concerns with bosses in a letter.


JB Comments:

Absolute madness. When you are born you are either male or female. You have either a cock or a vagina. PERIOD.

There are only two physical sexes. Cock or vagina.

It is not always a choice. I KNEW from my earliest memories that I was attracted to boys and not girls at school and always knew I was different. I am a gay man and came out at 15 and have lived a gay mans life ever since - while for many is up to you when you are mature enough to know your own mind, body and soul to make up your own mind as to what you are sexually.

Sometimes it is born within you and there are always those who choose what they want to be and sadly, there are also those who choose because it is attention seeking, and why is it that so many trans stay living within the trans / gay community AFTER they have transitioned and are now the sex of their dreams, so why still constantly hark on about being trans - when you can vanish into the real world and live as a women / man of your choosing. Why do so many insist on making it a political statement and constantly keep harking on about it all the time. it serves no one.

Many of the sexes on the various lists are just make believe crap. Absolute crap.

You are not BORN with many of these choices, that comes with maturity.

I truly value and appreciate we are all different but DO NOT expect me to buy into something I consider clap trap. I will offer respect for whatever sexuality you choose, but if you are a bearded masculine man WITH A DICK and want to be recognised as a woman, then unless you live and dress as a women - and unless you do something to become a women, then you are a man - period and should / will be treated as such.

A man.

If you are a man and recognise as a women, does that mean any employer can pay him/her less wages as men earn more than women - rightly or wrongly - so does he take a pay cut if and when 'coming out' as female ? I bet we all know the answer to that huh ?

When a man takes part in a women's sport because he recognises as a women while still being 100% male, then that ridicules the entire aspect of women's sports and betrays the very differences between male and female when you muddy the waters in this fashion and what female athlete is going to take up sports knowing the bearded man who recognises as a women is always going to beat her hands down because they have the power and strength, and this is just absolute madness.

Men do not have periods.

Men cannot give birth.

Even fully transitioned men to women - cannot have a menstrual cycle or become pregnant and have a baby - PERIOD. - END OF DISCUSSION.

Men create sperm.

Women create an egg.

When these two thigs come together, new life is created.

No transsexual - whether male to female or female to male, has managed to create life - a baby - with their new sexuality as that is impossible.

Freddy McConnell - READ HERE - who claims to be a man who gave birth to a baby is a liar and it's all done for attention. He is a trans women to a man who still has ' the full works' - a vagina and womb although has lived as a man for some time - BUT STILL HAS ALL THE WORKING PARTS OF A WOMEN - so while he may not have boobs any more and a beard through medication - HE IS STILL A WORKING WOMEN - so it is UTTER GARBAGE to say he is a man who gave birth to a child when that is misleading clap trap.

He has used this to claim fame and been on numerous TV programmes and specials without a thought of what this does to the child's future. It seems to all be about him - well not quite fully him but half in half, it would seem.

A VAST majority of trans people have been or still are married, and if a married Father of three children comes out and transitions into being a female, then he now becomes a lesbian as his sexual desires to not suddenly change just because the body has, and a whole new community opens before them, one of the LGBT world and one where he will experience bigotry, fear and homophobia thrown in his direction which he never had as a straight married man and if he lives in the USA, will feel the affects of MASS TRANSPHOBIA sweeping the country.

Tens of thousand of people are already confused about their sexuality be they gay or straight, bi or trans, and this foolish list - that has dozens and dozens of different titles for sexualities, just muddies the waters and causes great confusion. In their quest to be inclusive, this creates and causes more divides as more people want / need / like to label themselves and so causing and creating more divides between people than we already have and causes and creates even more fear and phobias surrounding sexuality.

This does not make for a level playing field.

This does not help the many feel better about themselves and this does not help society move forward in a healthy atmosphere - but in one of fear and bigotry - just look at how America is rabidly screaming that drag queens groom children ( which we all know is utter - utter - utter clap trap and is part of our culture ) and the fear based rhetoric - madness - insanity - surrounding trans people in the USA is headed in one direction and it is not one of acceptance and respect at all.

Too many use Biblical quotes MASSIVELY OUT OF CONTEXT AND MISTRANSLATED TO SAY WHAT YOU WANT IT TO SAY AND NOT WHAT IT REALLY MEANS AT ALL - and the dangers surrounding anyone who is not straight and faithfully married to the opposite sex is in danger in the USA and accused of grooming and paedophilia. That is a VERY dangerous and confusing road and using any religious intolerance really doesn't help at all.

QUESTION; A woman comes to the front door of Hamilton Hall and wants to book a room. Hamilton Hall is a MEN ONLY VENUE.

She says she recognises as male.

Do I refuse her booking because I see tits and a female before me, or do I accept and all the men already staying are left to feel awkward as there is - for all to see - a women in the venue. Stating to everyone she recognises as male is NOT going to pull any weight and would destroy the very fabric of this MEN ONY VENUE - and otherwise, what is the point ?

Can a man claim to be recognised as female and the join a convent to become a nun ?

Can a man claim to be a women and then get a job as a pole dancer for men to leer at ?

Can a women who recognises as a man get a job on an oil rig ?

Best of all:-

Can a man who recognises as female become a street walker selling sex as a women even though he still has all the male parts ?

How long do you think s/he would survive ?

I totally accept anyone for anything they want to be, but will not buy into clap trap and where many are genuine and real - RESPECT :- But - SADLY - Many - maybe through mental health - are just attention seekers and that - will be ignored.

Thank God I am simply gay.


I defy anyone, absolutely anyone, to claim they know with 100& accuracy, what even half of these flags below and definitions of sexual preference - actually means.


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