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Taking every last day of annual leave is a top priority for most people, but some find it tricky to use up all of their holiday entitlement every year. Reasons can vary from financial concerns, to an inability to switch off, or even the dread of being stuck in a small caravan with family for an entire week (not speaking from personal experience, of course …). Regardless, research shows that failing to take time off work is bad for your health.

An expert in positive psychology explains that one to two weeks a few times a year is enough to improve your mind and mood. There is also plenty of evidence to show that location doesn’t even matter, it’s what you do while away from your workplace that counts. Activities that support your mental and physical health should be your priority. And it doesn’t even have to be active, sitting on a garden bench and simply enjoying nature can give you an emotional and psychological boost.

JB Comments:

Decades ago when I was living in London as an escort, my first couple of years were REALLY busy and I thought I'd actually take a holiday but didn't want to because I thought the business would suffer. A friend pointed out that not only did I deserve a holiday, but my clients deserved for me to have a holiday as on my return I would be fresh and revitalized and that alone would do my business good. I was self employed and any time off would cost me personally as there is no such thing as holiday pay. Her was so right. I went away to the USA for a couple of weeks and on return, was fresh and my business appreciated the change as we all get stressed and bogged down and a break - even a single night, helps our mental and physical state.


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