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Demolition of style

When two beautiful Victorian houses opposite Hamiltion Hall were left empty for at leat the last year, we began to wonder. Now they are being demolished to make way for new flats and while this could improve and tidy up the area, it is always a shame when beautiful old houses are demolished to make way for something new - as new has little style compared to the older places.

The light is amazing now one of the houses has gone and while these have been flats for ages, building new and not restoring / converting the old - saves 20% VAT on all the work undertaken so there is no incentive to keep the old and convert - it is cheaper by 20% to knock it down and start from new.

Such a shame.

Scan down to see one of the builders.

Like all builders, they start at 8am with the noisiest job of the day and then quieten down through the day - or maybe it's because it is the quiet time of the day it just seems louder... but having said that, I don't even notice except the occasional oggle at the cute hunky builders.


The man below, Geoff, is one of the builders and I chatted to him about what was being built and he as very willing to chat. I told him all about Hamilton Hall and how I had been here for 21 years and he was fascinated to learn more - so i told him about it being a Men Only venue etc... and this was the result... he dropped his things and allowed a picture to be taken and I was somewhat amazed.

He has since been in to see Hamilton Hall's interior, enjoyed a coffee and a chat and telling you where it ended up, would be bragging, so I won't. But I will say, I now have another handy man to help with odd jobs here and there is one odd job I am pleased to say he is very keen at and very willing to bore away at and very capable and most of all - he is local.

Would I lie ?

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