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Derek Chauvin found guilty of killing George Floyd by Minnesota jury

Former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all charges by a jury in Minnesota for the killing of George Floyd last year.

The jury's verdict comes less than one year after video showing Chauvin kneeling on the back of Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes sparked nationwide outrage and led to mass protests against police brutality throughout the United States.

Prosecutors repeatedly showed excerpts from the video and in closing arguments, the state's attorney urged jurors to "believe your eyes."

"This case is exactly what you thought when you saw it first, when you saw that video," prosecutor Steve Schleicher said.

"This wasn't policing, this was murder," he said. "Nine minutes and 29 seconds of shocking abuse of authority."


JB Comments:

Well that was the official report last night and I have to add - that while I appreciate policing in the USA is very different to any policing anywhere else in the world, the fact that guns are so easily available means more people will die by the gun and considering America claims to be a gun culture - they overlook the fact that so is Australia and Canada and they have drastically - DRASTICALLY less murders a year even taking population into account - the fact is - America with its gun culture makes the USA one of the most deadly countries to live - with mass murders in schools - mass murders in shopping malls - mass murders in office blocks - where kids are taught to shoot semi automatics from the age of 12 - and where accidents alone kill hundreds every year and all too often, children are the victims.

The gun culture is out of control in the USA where people own scores of guns and many are not used for defense at all - and the macho big gun big cock - when we all know it means big gun SMALL COCK - as it is just a replacement for what many of these men feel they lack - like older men who buy sports cars or motor bikes, they are longing for their youth and making up for their small dick... not always - but all too often they are making up for some lack or other, as they see it.

Men are always fascinated with guns and from childhood are taught Cowboys and Indians - and it is endemic in US culture - and there simply is no excuse except it is big business and I mean BIG BUSINESS and the gun companies invest BILLIONS into keeping things just the way they are and do not want more gun control as that would hit their profits.

There it is... I said the magic word that causes and creates the financial world we all live in but that America has a strangle hold on,. and this governs everything any corporate US company strives for regardless of who gets hurt, whose life gets ruined, what political body it can loby or even who goes to jail for illegal practice or whether it corrupts the very high ups like Trump - as it is all about PROFIT. Pure and simple, PROFIT under any circumstances and klnowing your industry is killing thousands of innocent people a year - THE GUN INDUSTRY - but who fight tooth and nail to keep it as it is and all for PROFIT, and in the mean time people get killed all over the place and the police are out of control because everyone is packing - or so they claim after murdering yet another innocent black man.

Black Lives Matter more than any other in the USA as they are the ones being systematically murdered all over the county by the police and while many are fellons, murder by the police and not using the judicial process is not the way forward for the worlds most advanced country as this indicates a brutal feudal system and not a democracy at all - and when innocent 13 year old kids are murdered - when 80 year old blind and deaf women in their own bed are murdered - when people are shot in their own home and the police have raided the wrong house - and when autistic youths are murdered by police after a mother asked for help getting her child out of a closet because he was scared and the police shot him dead - THIS is where policing is out of control and the mass of murders must SEND police to jail - MUST prosecute to the fullest degree of the law and maybe then these murdering cops will stop murdering in cold blood and getting away with is.

I am glad this cop is going to jail and he will have a horrendous time behind bars as he will be segregated from the mass of prisoners for his own protection and probably put with the sex offenders. and I hope, I dearly hope, he gets what is coming to him from the other prisoners while in prison, at both ends, and I sincerely they hold him down and kneel on his neck while butt fucking him dry.

Little dramatic do you think ? Little agressive ? As someone who shy's away from violence even on telly, there are certain people and certain times when you just know nothing wiull re ediucate - noithing will bet through and nothing will change some of these people and there is only one language - sadly - they understand - and that is violence, so by slapping these cope on the wrists - NO EFFECT - sending some to jail -m GETS NOTICED - maybe one day is one gets the electric chair for murdering an innocent black man, now THAT would send a message to the police to control their actions as you will be prosecuted exactly the same as anyone else as the police are suppose to SERVE AND PROTECT and I can se a lot of that NOT happening and when whole counties - whole areas - wholse p[arts of the community liuve in fear - not fro gangs por crooks byt THEY LIVE IN FEAR OF THE POLICE - is it no wonder they get themselves armed in case some crazy cop tries to murder them while innocently on their own front porch drinking a cocktail.

It happens.


Your input is invited.





I was so pleased to see some sense coming out of America by finding Chauvin guilty of murdering Floyd by kneeling on the back of Floyd's neck for such a long time. There was no need - and this was murder by the hands of a brutal cop who had been in trouble before. Black Loves Matter more because they are the ones trageted by police, not us white folk and I live in a part of Florda that is rife with guns and while from the UK 20 years ago, we have two guns in the house - just in case but it always concerns me knowing they are there aven though my American partner sees absolutely nothing of concern. Jake. ( Orlando )

About time John that these brutalities were brought to an end and so people can feel safe from the very people paid to protect but are the very people most are afraid of, not gangsters or gangs but the police. Simon.

America is on a downward spiral and has been going out of control for a long time. Born and raised in New Orleans we saw as the goverment allowed black areas to be flooded during Katrina and where the poorer areas were being charged by the state for evacuation - and many could not afford the charge and so stayed and drowned. This is the great USA. This is the bigoited, racist murdering country that I love and see being destroyed by the gun and those who live by it. Those bullies in uniform. Those paid to protect. Those we are suppose to look up to and not up at the barrel of a gun pointing down at us. Michael ( New Orleans )

John: Had an argument with someone stating that as Floyd had a criminal record and he was a bad boy, he deserved all he got, which I thought was so wrong in so many ways as who made that cop judge and jury and executioner ? There is a legal system being systematically ignored for the speedy end of life decison to save court time and money. I think America wants us to eventually make a stand so the government can REALLY come down hard and mass murder in the name of keeping the peace and protecting - but protecting who - as it usually comes down to protecting local business - (WTF ? ) and mass jail and control the population by fear. It's all out of control in America and the vaneer of respectability is getting thinner. John ( Phoenix )

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