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Do most people over 65 just sit and watch TV all day ?

I was born in 1957 so will turn 66 this year but since I am still 65, I feel qualified to answer. If Netflix, Prime and HBO count as watching TV, yes, that is me. I’d also add the occasional burst of thinking, but I think I am far from typical. I know my choice is a fairly uncommon lifestyle as you would recognise from the answers to your question. In fact, based on the posts here, if you chose my lifestyle, you would definitely be in the minority.

I have never followed fashions and have always lived my own life doing what I want to do rather than what I am expected to do. There is this massive pressure to be out there to participate in active things like walking the dog, going for bike rides, dancing, enjoying the outdoors. Not for me, give me TV, a snack and a good snooze. I added thinking because it is a great way to burn the calories. Its kept me in fairly good shape as you can tell from my attached picture, my guns are still well defined and I am very happy with my choices. Charles.


I've never been so busy and wonder how I ever found time for work. Paul


I play golf. It has become a bit of a routine - a daily routine for me and I am quite happy. Gets me out of the flat, gets me some fresh air and exercise and at 72, I found a new lease of life.



Baby sitting. that's what my retirement turned into. Baby sitting my Grandkids once a week for a whole day and one evening a week so my daughter and her husband can go see his parents and / or have an evening out together. It works well for us all.



Since I retired at 60, I haven't worked so hard. I volunteer and help feed the homeless twice a week - I meet up with various family members and stay one day a week with my grandkids so their parents can have a day off together - I still have the big house and it always needs something doing in repairs - and with the caravan and being in a caravan club where we meet with friends on a regular basis - say at lest once a month during the winter and fortnightly in the summer, I seem to constantly be on the go.

No sitting watching TV all the time for me.



When I found myself alone after 40 years of wedded bliss, everyone mustered around to help keep me busy and occupied and while I appreciated what they were doing, I just wanted to be left alone to watch TV and to relax after a lifetime of working long hours, late nights and never got to see many TV things as I was always working, and my wife hated TV so it was difficult and now, I just enjoy my evenings, alone with the TV and a cuppa or the occasional glass of wine and I am happy as a lamb.



I was very active until I turned 68 and then my back went. After 2 years with various chiropractors etc, I turned to the NHS who say I need to sit and relax and it will get better on its own but in over 2 years is has most certainly not, but sitting seems the only comfortable position I can get into with out any pain, so yes , it is Netflix and Youtube a lot of the time and it did bore me to start with until I discovered binge watching series on Netflix. I'd rather be active again but until then, I am happy.



Since I retired I now have time for a sex life and although I am 69 and not in the best shape I still have an enormous cock and that attracts people so am having the time of my life. My wife died 4 years ago and it has been like I am reborn. After decades of no sex at all to now having a fan club - a gaggle of guys wanting to suck my dick and get fucked by me, it has been a new beginning for me.



My friend says it is my own fault and that I do nothing to help myself.

I sit and watch TV a great deal and rarely go out and Lockdown for me was a delight. I shop once a week. Visit my daughter and her family once a week and the rest of the time I am home, alone, and quite happy, if a little lonely. But as my one friend says, if you don't put yourself out there, how are they to know you exist.



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