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Do not find fault if you have never tried it - X RATED

There are many things in life I do not like. Anchovies. Eating pussy. Boring sex. But I had to try anchovies and eating pussy to know I did not like these things. Unfortunately having bad sex is just par for the course when having sex with most people as many are crap and haven't a clue and many are also too nervous or intimidated - not by me, but by sex in general, and few know how to relax and just enjoy and stop harbouring all these fear based emotions about whether it's big enough - hard enough - is it clean - do I smell - GET OVER YOURSELF AND JUST RELAX... We are all the same.

Below are some pictures which some may enjoy and some find disgusting but remember, one mans poison is another mans medicine so just because you may not like something DOES NOT MAKE IT / THEM WRONG... it just means - WELL DONE - you know what you like and what you don't like - while many are still finding that one out for themselves.

If you don't like something and have tried it but found it not to be for you - then you have gone about it the right way and not just hated without even trying. Water Sports has a huge following and - even in pictures, see how you feel about it.