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Do nurses have a laugh if the patient has a micropenis?

No. ( At least that what they say but I bet they always have a laugh behind patients backs as we do here with guests, and sometimes its all the fun you get... It is not evil, just a laugh... Also in times of stress etc. - speaking personally - my penis shrivels to nothing and looks about an inch long but is extra large when hard so - you cannot always tell... )

But female medical staff (I used to be a doctor) do have a giggle when the opposite is true. I once had a patient who had been stabbed in the abdomen by his girlfriend, and was taken speedily to OR for a laparotomy. He was stable, and it was 3am, so the middle- ranking surgeon called a more senior surgeon in from home to take the lead. She went straight to the OR and scrubbed up, having arranged to meet us there.

The man was anaesthetised, and wheeled into the OR naked on the table, ready for a urinary catheter to be inserted and surgical drapes to be put on. This was where we all noticed “it”- the diameter of a coke can and down almost to his knees. Silence fell, we all STARED.

At this moment, the senior female surgeon emerged backwards from the scrub room, gloved hands held high, to prevent contamination to them and the front of the surgical gown, which will touch the operating field. She was a very “posh” woman- very nice and very skilled, but from a wealthy and sheltered and privileged background- private boarding school, a nanny, almost associating with Royalty sort of thing. She was about 5 ft tall, and as far around as she was high. She had not been blessed in the looks department, and sported a fairly noticeable moustache. She had a double- barrelled surname dating back to her aristocratic roots.

She saw “it” as she spun around and stopped in her tracks. There was a pregnant pause. Then she looked at me, Her : “What did you say happened to this man again?”

Me: “He was stabbed in the abdomen with a high heeled shoe by his girlfriend, Mrs Very Posh Double- Barrelled who I respect but am a bit scared of”

Her: (eyes wide and waving already-raised hands to emphasise her aghast status) “WHHHHYYYYYYY????????


Twenty Five years ago when I took a friend to have his dick pierced with a PA - he lay on the table with his trousers by his ankles and the guy doing the piercing turned around an saw his dick for the first time and just went

' Jeeeeezus !!! '

I instantly laughed and said he may need a javelin to pierce my friends dick as it was a real monster -

and the guy asked if it was pumped or faked and when Johnny declared that it was real and was a genuine enormous dick ( and Johnny was just 5'6" tall and very slim yet had this monster 10 incher - and thick, meaty uncut - it did look unfair on such a small frame when we all know big men with tiny peckers... seems unfair sometimes.

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