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Do you know who this hairy man is ?

John: I am sending you a picture that I have no idea where it came from or how it arrived in my computer and wondered ' WTF IS THIS GUY ? ' Maybe it came from your Blog or some place else but as soon as I saw it I was transfixed with awe. I have seen some sexy men in my time - and as I adore hairy men - this picture blew me away. I just kept staring all over his body and the wonder, the beauty, the hairiness of this man.

More below -

I have buried my face in his crutch hair - I have buried my face in his arm pits - he has sat on my face slowly as I watched those strong powerful hairy legs and butt come down onto my face and I swallowed, licked, touched and eaten every inch of his huge uncut thick and veiny cock and huge low hanging balls and just about every inch imaginable and available. ( It's my fantasy ... get your own... ) He has taken control of the situation and allowed me to worship every inch, every muscle and every part of this - so very desirable man.

What do you think John. Love the Blog



Sadly - as with all the pictures here, I have no idea who he is but do agree with what you say, for those who appreciate hairy men many will be saying - 'How come I never meet anyone as sexy as that ?' - and believe me, I have - and the fantasy - the wank bank material, stays with me for wanks way off into the future...

Running an Escort Agency called 30 PLUS for 15 years, of course I met all sorts of shapes and sizes of men wanting to be sex workers and as my agency specialized in older hunky guys, naturally, I had the very hairy, muscular men working for me and - as with any escort agency, I had to see them naked... and I did so enjoy my work.

Want to know more about running a gay escort agency ?


Not sure but I think I have found some more of this guy and a few others of very hairy men for you to - enjoy - for the afternoon.

Is this him as well :- ?

someone new below


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Now. If you think you have died and gone to Heaven, maybe your Arch Angel will be some big hunky hairy man with wings, and I don't mean Paul McCartney.



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