Do you need someone to chat with ?

I have been chatting with a couple of guys - I have never met - over the last few months when they call for a chat and to hear another human beings voice.

Not everyone is connected to a support network of friends and family.

Some are isolated and alone and being alone during a lockdown pandemic must be so isolating.

Whether you live in a rural area with few neighbours or in a city centre teaming with people, you can feel isolated and alone in a crowd and sometimes just a chat with a friendly voice can help.

If you need a friendly chat -

If you feel you need to reach out -

If you just want to hear another voice other than on the telly -


and while I am busy redecorating, even just a few minmutes can cheer up a day and just a few minutes showing some care and attention can help another through a whole day - just to know that someone somewhere hears you - hears your plight and acknowledges what you are going through and that you are alive - sometimes - is all that is neded.

No strings attached.
No hidden agenda.
No ulterior motive.

And if you suspect some hidden meaning in all of this then look in the mirror and see someone who doubts their own honesty, their own ability to care and their own ability to NOT help others while finding fault in those who do.

Some work from the wallet.

Others work to gain control.

Many work through ego.

While some of us work from the heart - and that scares and intimidates some less worthy people who will then pull apart and destroy and then no one is doing anything and why ? - Because those who do not - abuse those who do - and it says a great deal about the low lives who spoil it for the good guys all the time.

Oh and please don't phone for a dirty phone call 'cos I REALLY will not be interested. SEE HERE

John Bellamy







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