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Does Johnny Depp have a way of clearing his name.

The way it looks like to me, Johnny Depp has already cleared his name. He may have lost his libel trial against The Sun in London, but the whole thing was a Pyrrhic victory for his lying, vindictive ex-wife And her name - . It exposed her more than it exposed him. She was recorded admitting to hitting him. Punching him. And don’t forget… she went into this trial as the innocent, angelic, broken little victim…

That’s not how she came out of it, though!

She came out of the trial as a woman who looked unhinged. Who admitted to violence. Who now has memes about her shitting on her husbands bed. Cutting off the tip of his finger. Hitting him, then telling him, on record:

“No one will ever believe I abused you, Johnny!”

She went from looking like a victim, to looking like the villain in this story.

There are now petitions with millions of signatures asking for Warner Bros to fire her from their movies… are there such petitions against Depp? Nope.

Many fans have supported Depp.

Even non-fans, just casual watchers, observers, have come to Depp’s side. I’m by no means some enormous fan of the man and yet, as I saw the trial and story unfolding, it became more and more clear to me that this was a case of a lying, violent, vindictive and cruel ex-wife destroying her husband out of spite and a desperate hunger for fame.

But she didn’t get fame. All she got was hatred.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp has been given a lot of love and understanding. The proof is in the numbers… millions of people support his petitions. Call for boycotts of any movie or product Amber Heard is involved in, even the hair products from L’Oreal she does promotion for… and even Depp’s fellow actors are, at best, mum on the issue. Usually when a star is “exposed” as abusive, co-stars RUN to the tabloids telling of their awful tales of woe. Not this time. This time, people just say it’s a pity he’s out of some movies. They’ll miss him but stay diplomatic due to their careers.

The response of fans, co-stars, not to mention Netflix still casting him in an upcoming Tim Burton flick, speaks volumes to me. The memes, the petitions… Johnny Depp damaged his career and reputation somewhat. But it is Amber Heard, not Depp, whose entire persona has completely imploded and turned into the butt of jokes.
JB Comments: Can you believe anyone - ANYONE - taking a shit on the bed right next to your sleeping partner ? Can you just imagine what sort of person does that ? NOT someone living in fear of abuse from him, but someone abusing in return.
Clearly from all that I have seen and read, Johnny Depp is the victim here and she is the abuser, the shitter, the hitter, the one who lies and screams how abusive HE is, when the truth is something very different.

I truly admire him for keeping quiet as what man wants to publicly state his girlfriend / wife / female partner is the abuser - and as a famous figure does not want the publicity, while she revels in the publicity as she is playing the victim and wants all the attention to push her own agenda - getting more acting jobs and stepping over him in order to do just that. Like millions who thought otherwise, I am now convinced she is a dreadful human being and do not want to see her in any movie or TV role as she is - a nasty, viscous, back stabbing, bed shitting vile piece of work.

And her name Amber Heard
Too many women are abusers and claim to be the victim. Too many men are afraid to speak up.
Women then get away with it yet scream blue murder if they are abused and the world feels sorry for them as women all stick together against the beastly male and the man - often the INNOCENT MAN - suffers. This negates REAL abuse of women by men and sends a very bad message and an appalling one at that.


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