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Donald Trump answered every question about the climate crisis with a comment about corporate profits

Dear Hamilton Hall

Frankly, it’s distressing that we still have to make the argument that “preventing the extinction of all human life” is a worthwhile investment. But in Thursday night’s debate, Donald Trump answered every question about the climate crisis with a comment about corporate profits. Even when confronted with the facts of environmental racism – that communities of color suffer disproportionately from the effects of industrial pollution and climate change – Trump responded (dubiously) that wages are going up and “everybody has very inexpensive gasoline.” That’s why we’re in this, because it’s time for leaders who understand that fighting for the environment and boosting the economy aren’t mutually exclusive. Chip in $10 right now -- stand with us as we take this fight back to the Trump administration, their allies in Congress, and politicians loyal to corporate polluters here in California. Donald Trump spent four years letting oil lobbyists takeover the very agencies designed to enforce our environmental laws and blunt polluter greed. Despite the urgent need to solve the climate crisis, Trump went out of his way Thursday night to brag about how much he’s done for the profits of corporate polluters! It’s time to fight back. We need to invest in clean, renewable energy that grows our economy—not more dirty fossil fuels that threaten our air, our water, our local economies, our health, and our families. Which is why we’re asking for your last-minute grassroots financial support because this election is coming down to the wire, and we can’t leave anything to chance.

Let’s get this one right, for our future.

In solidarity,


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