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Drag Queen Stops Show And Epically Lays Into Audience Member Who Threw A Bottle Onto The Stage

I learned long ago never to cross with a drag queen as they have the balls of a bull and cross them, and watch out. Some of the best laughs and best 'come back lines' I shall take to my grave with a big smile came from Robert who workled here some years ago who was a female impersonator / drag queen and his humour, his come backs - were absolutely brilliant - epic almost - and I learned not to cross a drag queen on stage unless you want to be epically shown up in front of the whole audiance and where the drag queen will verbally put you in your grave and in this instance, the man deserved everything he got.
A queen starring in the murder mystery drag play Death Drop, running on London's West End, stopped the show during a performance to tell off an audience member who threw a bottle of coke onto the stage.


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