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e mail from a covid denier - an abusive American - 0r - The Ramblings of a Delusional Mind.

If America is to move forward after the disaster that was Trump, it has a long way to go if people like the guy whose e mails to me are below, is anything to go by.
A lot of people in America share similar views to this guy as 70 million voted for Trump, and after many years living in the USA I am glad to say I met very few with such an ignorant world view - although obviosuly they are out there - but as it is taught in shools how great America is and how the world owes them so much, the misplaced arrogance is just that, misplaced.
Have a read and see what you think.

Dear John " I'm Donnie here in Missouri in the United states of America " Will international air travel be open to travel to your country to visit Hamilton hall ???" Last I' heard was your country had shut down all air traffic because of the Covid 19 virus in your country is that true or is it false propaganda news that the news media is lies about to scare people into taking the Covid vaccine that kills people instead of protecting them. I'm not afraid of the phony virus BS. and I'm not going to take the vaccine !!!" I'm happy to see that you are going to open up Hamilton hall and get back to normal again ". I'm a submissive gay bottom and have allot of erotic desires and fantasies of being made made a sex slave or slave house servant and forced to work for free and to obey as ordered by strong Dom masters.

Have a nice day and weekend "

Submissiively yours. Donnie

I answered the e mail telling him to google anything he wanted to know, just as I would have to do, and as a man in his 70's he was more than able, and how I was astounded that anyone could actually write such crap to another human being. I told him he was banned from Hamilton Hall - PERIOD - as anyone refusing to accept what was going on was a danger to others and not welcome here. I pointed out that it was his President who promoted drinking bleach and injecting Dettol into the body and how Trump claimed the virus would be over within a couple of weeks, and I admit I did bark politely to him about his attitude but - quite clearly - let it be known I was not accepting his views and how he would not be allowed here under any circumstances. He also sent me some pictures of himself and believ me - he is an old fool somewhere in his 70's and clearly, one of those Americans most other Americans are ashamed of. Every country has them, and sadly, this one found me.

His next e mail in answer to mine, is below.

' So Sorry for offending you " I' Forgot that you wasn't in America where people have a right to free speech and rights to Express their opinions . So sorry for offending you and insulting your liberal ideas and liberal way of thinking ",

Below is a official complaint form for you to copy off on your copy machine and fill in the questions and information make two copies mail one to your prime minister and send one to the United nations "

I' took your advice and did some research on the internet and found allot of helpful information about Hamilton Hall from men that have visited there before and wrote reviews " I'm sorry but you couldn't pay me enough money to even visit at the door let alone stay one night there read the beds have bedbugs " men have caught Crabs from the unclean toilet seats and guests have found cockroaches in the food".

And searching Google search it said Great Britain had more Covid deaths and illnesses than the United states of America Covid here is well under control people here are allowed to fly again and travel.

Your comment offended me about America being the laughingstock of the world " you people in England and other countries sure do call for help in a hurry any time some other country threatens or attacks you helpless wimps. maybe you people should learn how to fight your own wars instead of calling on Americans to fight for you little Johnny !!! And while your at it you need to learn some proper manners maybe take an anger management course and wouldn't hurt to see a good psychiatrist you seem to have mental health issues. Probably because it's been proven that Liberalism is a mental disease !!!

" Don "

JB AGAIN:- Now :- I am sure many of you will be appalled at his answer and I just laughed when he tried repeatedly to call me a Liberal - as in the USA for some reason being a liberal is an insult, whereas to me, it is a compliment. Not a political Liberal - but if you are liberal minded it means you are open to new ideas, new lifestyles, new beliefs and it is surely the best way forward... to be open and liberal minded, not small or closed minded but open ...

I didn't get involved with his clap trap and just told him he was not welcome at Hamilton Hall with bigoted ignorant views such as he was ranting at me and how my other guests - on the whole - were better educated and would not appreciate his manner, and how he was banned. And this comes from a gay man to another gay man and it shows how I am right when I say there is a portion of any

gay community who are pig ignorant shits to anyone and especially towards their own kind...

I am appalled at people like this and appalled anyone rants their views for complete strangers to hear thousands of miles away.

And you wonder why so many gay venues only stay open for a max of between 5 and 6 years - and just like when I was a sex worker, it is not the work, it is not the long hours, it is not the attitude of the masses, it is the attitude of a small portion of our own community who fuck it up for everyone else with their vile,bitter, fucked up attitude and throwing it at those in positions to receive their bullshit as we advertise our details as a business and they think we are an open target for their crap and THAT is why so many gay venues close.


Hamilton Hall, however, is here, reopening if not sooner - May 17th 2021 and we look forward to a busy season ahead as bookings have already started flooding in, as many realise it is safer to holiday in the UK and not abroad and with so few decent gay hotels available, and with none other than Hamilton Hall in the TOP SEASIDE TOWN IN THE UK - BOURNEMOUTH... and I look forward to welcoming all our wonderful repeat customers and all those new ones who come for the right reasons - TO HAVE FUN AND TO RELAX... and to leave their fucked up lives behind - even if just for a few days.

Hamilton Hall is an attitude free zone, hence this Donnie above is barred.



To: John Hamilton

UK, Owner of Hamilton Hall

London England.

Dear Mr. Hamilton; I'm ** Attorney for the ACLU this letter is in reference of a Mr. Donnie of Missouri a Male 47 year old black Male . And your harassment emails and posts on blogs publicly posting personal emails and Harrassment of Mr. Donnie and causing humiliating comments and publicly posting personal information and emails of my client on your blogs. You are also being charged with age discrimination. Ive seen all of the emails you have sent to my Client , Ive also forward copies of the emails to our London England office "

Be advised Mr. John Hamilton that I'm giving you two choices 1: Delete all post and make a public apology and an apology to my client retract your comments!"

2: Refuse my generosity and face a stiff

$ 385,000 dollar lawsuit which I'm prepared to file immediately ive sent copies of your emails to the attorney's of the United nations and they advised me that your emails and blogs are clearly in violation of

The United nations Laws.

Consider that you have been notified and warned John Hamilton .

Best regards

YOU HAVE GOT TO LAUGH; Just look at the e mail. Just look at the wording, spacing, punctuation and grammer. APPALLING. So CLEARLY not sent by a lawyer and not sent by anyone other than the dip shit this is about and he is faking it and not even well done fakery either as it reeks of amateurism and any child could do better. I know very few lawyers who are basically illiterate.


Your input is always invited.



Hamilton Hall: I apologise on behalf of all decent Americans for the A Hole you had mails from recently. Many here are ashamed of certain peoples in the US and there are many Trump followers who truly think Covid 19 is all a hoax to steal the election from Trump. Half a million dead in the US and they think it all fake. I am in the mid west and most people I know are appalled at the direction this country has been taken in this last Trump years and ashamed at how we are seen abroad. This old fool e mailing you is an embarrasment to our nation and a disgrace to humanity. I had no idea you had to put up with this sort of thing. Really bad John, I feel for you.

Greg ( Omaha )

Oh John. My 8 year old daughter coud have written a better letter than Donnie. It's rubbish John, the whole thing. I am however astounded you have to put up with such awful clap trap from people who clearly have some kind of mental health problem going on and how they aim their abuse at other innocent people such as yourself. We had a gay venue for some years and it was exactly this that closed us down as we got sick of it .. sick of the fuck-ups who throw abuse at those who do a lot of good for the LGBT communiuty while they do nothoing. Appalling. Terry. ( Sydney Australia )

Here's a picture to go along with it John.


John: I read the second e mail this guy sent you with my mouth wide open in astonishment. It is obviopusly from Donnie and not some made up lawyer as the writing style is Donnie, it is illiterate garbage and my 13 year old niece could put it together in a more professional manner. It is not from a lawyer at all John and you are right to laugh at it, and I feel quite sad for this pathetic old fool who must be so unhappy and so lonely that he feels so much resentment towards you he feels the need to destroy. How typical of so many on the gay scene to want to destroy. I feel for you John and admire you more than you know.

David ( Clapham )


John: I witnessed a fight between a shop owner denying service to a Anti Masker here in California and the police were called after the maskless moron actually attacked the shop owner, and I caught it all on my phone. She assumed she could act how she pleasd as one of these ' entitled' women who expect and demand everythig their own way and to hell with anyone else - and she was arrested - screaming abuse at the cops and everyone, and prosecuted. She initially spent the weekend in jail and when brought before the magistrate he threw the book at her and was not amused at her screaming in the court and the ramblings of someone unhinged. She went to jail for 30 days and fined heavily and it was a wondeful win. They live amongst us John. They really do. Greg ( Brentwood California ) ---------

John. One minute that old fool is a 72 year old white man and the next, a 46 year old black man. Maybe he needs his medication. Maybe he is in need of a carer. Obviously he is unhinged and I doubt any of that is real - it's the ramblings of a delusional mind.

Malc. (Wembley ) ---------

Oh My God John. Those e mails are awful. Shameful attitude from anyone let alone an old man at that. I sincerely hoped you told him to fuck off as I most certainly would have done. What a vile man he is. Jacob. ( Brighton )


You do not deserve that kind of shameful e mail John and no one deserves to have to put up with that kind of inPut. His thoughts are so far off centre that he is clearly one of those bigots who voted for Trump and bought the ticket and I bet he stocked up on Dettol and bleach just in case. Sorry you have to put up with that kind of abuse John, you are worth better. Dale ( Wincanton )


Thanks for this weekend Blog Newsletter and just wanted to say one thing - about that American who was a Covid Denier - I was truly open mouthed when reading his ignorant rant and shocked that any gay mean could throw such abuse at another gvay man especially a gay man weho does so much for others like you John, and after I worked State side for some years, I have always been aware how distorted their version of reality is compared to the rest of the world and just like when I lived in Iran - the mind set is made so by brain washing the children at school and the USA is no different. America complains about Arabs and their lifestyle while screwing up their own next generation with fucked up rhetoric like this nut rambles in his e mail. Clearly some kind of meds required there John.

Victor ( Hastings )


John. Read that awful e mail from Donnie some place here in the USA and have to say how

sorry we are. There are a lot of them out there. The Red Necks, those who stormed the Capital building and we watched that on TV ashamed to be American. We Americans are shocked and appalled at how our country has been turned into a different county than the one we grew up in and we both read your report with our heads held down in shame, shame for the USA and shame for what was once such a great nation that has slid so fast into the gutter in thge past 50 years it truly saddens. Milton ( Connecticut )


Om My God John. I read Donnies e mails with an open mouth. How can anyone actually write such garbage. How can anyone admit to such stupidity. I tell you John, there are those here in th USA that truly bring shame to our nation like those who stormed the capital and then claim all sorts of lies and where their own leader even throws them under the bus by claiming it was an individual decision to break into the Capital and not an organised plan - and it just shows what a load of cowards they are. This Donnie is one of those Covid Deniers that help spread the virus further. I was in a fight with a women who tried pulling my mask off my face in a store when I asked her where her mask was and the security guard was there in seconds and saw her lunge at me - and all caught on camera, and she was prosecuted and fined $1,100. My country is going to the dogs John as after Bush and then Trump, I am not surprised others are laughing at us.

Josh ( New York )


That e mail from Donnie. Oh John I do feel for you. Having to cope with lockdown and all that - and then getting annoying e mails like that. I do admire how you keep going and how you share this with us. Made me laugh but it also saddens me dearly that these fools live amongst us but at least in this case, thousands of miles away so we are safe from this one idiot at least. Malcolm ( London )



Read your piece from Donnie. So sorry you have to read such garbage John. Truly there are some very messed up people on this planet who assume they are educated when the truth is somethign very different.

Feel for you Buddy.

Tony ( Australia )


Well what do you expect from some of those dumb red necks who think the world owes them something because they are Dumb Ass Americans. Sick of that dumb fucking country and sick oif its bully boy war games it always plays and sick of how it has so many morons voted into the position of President. Nixon the criminal - Bush the war mongerer , Trump the liar, bigot and thief, and they think everything they do is right and the whole world is wrong. 8% of the world population - uses 25% of the worlds resorce.

Less than 10% of Americans have a passport. More than 25% of the ENTIRE WOrLDS PRiSON POPULATION is in America...

It also is MASSIVELY in debt to China to the tune of trillions and is actually managing on borrowed time before the banks really screw it all up and destroy even the USA the way they try and bully and take over all other financial institutions around the world. Lived there for 20 years and so glad to be out of the madness that is Washington DC where I worked in government and was always astounded how corporate power has so much power over their senators. Corruption through and through. Mark Medley



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