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Emergency Action Fund: Raids and Arrests Across Africa

It's Pride month, which means your inbox and feeds are probably filled with celebratory messages of acceptance and joy.
But so many people still don't have the freedom to live safely, let alone be out and proud.
The past few weeks in particular have been rough for many of our partner LGBT+ organisations across Africa. There has been a disturbing trend of raids, unlawful arrests, and mistreatment of LGBT+ people and it shows no sign of stopping.
That's why we're launching an Emergency Action Fund to support three African LGBT+ organisations. These groups are supporting LGBT+ folks who are facing homelessness, criminal charges, or have been thrown into jail – just because of who they are.
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Here's where your donation will go:

21 LGBT+ activists were illegally arrested on May 20 for "unlawful assembly" when running a workshop on human rights.

LGBT+ Rights Ghana is working hard on their release, but need financial support. They've reported that food is being withheld from the activists in jail.

An LGBT+ shelter run by Happy Family Youth Uganda was raided by police on May 31. 44 people were arrested under the guise of COVID-19 lockdown violations. Police stole the shelter's supplies as "evidence."

The majority of those arrested were released on bail on Monday and await trial. None can safely return to their homes and need to be relocated immediately.

On May 13, Shakiro and Patricia, two transgender women, were sentenced to five years in prison – the maximum sentence for violating the country's anti-gay law.
The women were arrested months earlier while simply eating in a restaurant. They are being kept in a men's prison, where they're at great risk of abuse, illness, and malnutrition.

Thank you so much for being a part of this global movement and turning your love and solidarity into action for our LGBT+ siblings who are literally fighting for their lives.

– Matt, Executive Director at All Out


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