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EU shamed into U-turn after trying to ban word CHRISTMAS for being 'offensive'Alessandra Scotto di S

EU shamed into U-turn after trying to ban word CHRISTMAS for being 'offensive'

An internal EU Commission document commissioned by Helena Dalli, spotted on Sunday by Italian daily Il Giornale, suggested certain expressions that are offensive or not inclusive enough should be removed.

John Bellamy Comments Below: SCROLL DOWN Commissioner for Equality Ms Dalli launched an internal guide to inclusive communication. It prohibited a number of expressions deemed stigmatising according to gender, sexual identity, ethnic origin or culture, the Italian daily revealed. These recommendations aimed to "reflect diversity" and fight against "stereotypes deeply rooted in individual and collective behaviour". According to the report, the use of the masculine "by default" should be prohibited and "Ladies and Gentlemen" should be replaced by "Dear colleagues." Terms with a gendered connotation such as "workmen" should also be banned. It should be noted that the document was written in English, so some recommendations were not applicable to other languages.

The text also stated that one should never "assume" a person's sexual orientation or even gender identity. Similarly, it considered that referring to elements of Christian culture is "assuming that everyone is Christian". The report, therefore, recommended that references to Christmas be removed and that the term "holiday" be used instead. Christian names such as Mary or John were also in line to be banned.

Even the expression "colonisation of Mars" is considered negative as it would be reminiscent of colonialism, and should be better to use "sending humans to Mars".

The move sparked fury across the EU, with Lega MEPs blasting the ideas as "crazy".

MEPs and Lega Group leaders in the EU Parliament Marco Zanni and Marco Campomenesi said on Sunday: "In the era of susceptibility, even calling things by your name or wishing a Merry Christmas has become a discriminatory attitude, to be pursued in the name of the politically correct that so much appeals to the left and the majority that governs badly in the EU. "They demand to change what they don't like starting from language, imposing the Newspeak of single thought: a wrong and dangerous drift, which more and more often leads to the extremism of cancel culture and the demolition of symbols of history, with all due respect for tolerance, dialogue and respect.

"It is worrying that this way of reasoning is adopted by the European institutions: we would like Europe to use citizens' money better, to resolve much more concrete and urgent issues. We will not become accomplices: we will continue to defend the Judeo-Christian values of Europe and the sacrosanct freedom of expression of citizens." =

The EU Commissioner was forced to withdraw the guidelines.

es initiative was intended to illustrate the diversity of European culture and to show the inclusive nature of the Commission. "However, the published version of the guidelines is not functional for this purpose. "It is not a mature document and does not meet to our quality standards. "So I withdraw it and we will work on this document again. "

Reacting to the U-turn, the Lega group leaders said: "We express satisfaction with the withdrawal of the Commission's guidelines and we acknowledge that the EU itself, a little belatedly and only after our criticisms, has realised that it has made a serious mistake and today reverses.
"We hope that Brussels invests better their time and above all the money of European citizens, working on the most urgent issues and on real emergencies.
"The Lega will keep the attention high on every attempt to eliminate and replace our symbols, our culture, our values, in the name of single thought of politically correct and cancel culture. "This is not a political battle, but a matter of common sense ".


John Bellamy Comments:

Who are these absolute morons who claim - with absolutely no one ever complaining of being offended, that we need to ban words like CHRISTMAS in case someone is offended.

IT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME AT ALL. It's actually attention seeking.

You go live in Jamaica and you buy into the culture, the food, the weather, the way of life. You go live in South Africa and you buy into the culture, the racisms, the heat and all that goes with life in South Africa.

You don't do what someone did in Bournemouth a few years ago, move into the Triangle - an area of Bournemouth full of bars and nightclubs, and then complain about the late night music from bars - and ONE COMPLAINT meant tens of thousands had to be spent by tons of businesses AND THEN THE PEOPLE WHO COMPLAINED MOVED FROM THE AREA. You do NOT move close to Heathrow Airport and THEN start complaining about the noise of the planes.

There is the question of TAKING RESPONSIBILITY and if you find you have bought a cottage in that quiet sleepy village that - as it turns out - is as noisy as hell when the church bells ring, you do NOT complain and throw a fit - as it was there before you were and is - kinda - DOWN TO YOU.

We live in a Christian / Judaic environment in the UK and anyone wanting to change that - can go to where it is acceptable - ie: ANYWHERE ELSE - and bugger off. I may not be 'into' religions - but I do know it is part of our culture and goes back to the middle ages - and there comes a time when these ' bizzy bodies ' - or even these ' small minded people who are screaming for attention' have learned that this is the best way to get just that - ATTENTION, and considering they are probably boring uninteresting people anyway, this makes them centre stage for the world to see, but where people like me just laugh and want to shake these people and bring them into awareness that THEY MAKE THE PROBLEM THAT WAS NEVER THERE TO BEGIN WITH, AND THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE.

I have a Jewish friend who calls himself ' a yid' - just as I call myself ' a faggot' and while these words can be considered offensive, they are ONLY offensive if you ALLOW it to be offensive... ie: IF YOU CHOOSE TO TAKE OFFENSE - and where no offense was meant, then you need to own it. PERIOD.

How about the EU getting their act together to fight what is genuinely in need of attention and leave the language we use alone. Clearly, if you use language deliberately to hurt, then that is wrong, but you do not need make laws and demand people stop saying Christmas - as that will never happen and anyone wishing for this, is deliberately causing trouble.



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