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Eurovision 2021


Well - Do you wonder why so many voted for us to leave the EU. Do you wonder why there is a call to leave the Eurovision as we always end up at the bottom but we are one of the three top payers into the coffers of the whole thing and what a waste of money that is.

James Newman - Embers - LIVE - United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2021

In the defense of our non score, apologies - but James Newmans song was average and he sang it badly. His nerves shon through loud and clear and you could hear and feel the nerves in his voice and it put me on edge watching and listening, and I am sure I am not alone.

Nerves got the better of him.

He sounded out of breath and struggling to keep up, even though he wrote the song himself.

Sorry James, not your best performance but I have to say I could not have done any better and would have probably been throwing up behind stage with fright - so well done for taking part. Next time, take something for your nerves,a spliff, a valium - something to calm the stage fright.

We had a Naked Chill Out Weekend on here and we all gathered with pens and paper in the lounge and watched and laughed and applauded and moaned and drank and laughed some more and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.,

As for the judging.

We - basically - all got the top 3 correct until at the last minute Italy rocketed into first place with that - er - heavy rock piece that we all hated, and ran away with the first prize and we were all convinced Switzerland would get it, or at least one of our top three, but no not at all.

It is a complicated method of scoring and one I am not sure many understand at all.

The highpoint of the evening was when Graham Norton was introducing Kateryna Pavlenko singing for the Ukraine and before it started Graham Norton was doing his usual introduction and at the very last moment said

' And if any of you were wondering what happened to Orville.'

and let that hang in the air and as soon as it cut to Kateryna Pavlenko from the Ukraine - the laughter in the lounge started - and tears flowed as we giggled and giggled all through her song and could not take it seriously as we just could not stop laughing, tears flowed, because this is Orville and this is what she was wearing and at the time, Graham Norton was on

form, top marks and hillarious. For the rest of the night we just kept remembering that line and that - er - green thing - and would start laughing all over again. Mind you - the other side of the lounge here didn't get it at all and those of us this side who were in fits of laughter, made it even worse because they didn't get it - and we laughed even more.

It was its usual campest show on telly and with a mixture of truly awful and truly beautiful, it was a typical Eurovision evening and top marks to the producers - as being the first big event since this pandemic, it is brave and worrying putting on anything like this for fear of another mass spread, but with everyone being innoculated and screened before they can go in, it seems as if some kind of Covid Passport is going to have to be introduced in order to obtain entrance to a lot of thigs besides aircraft.

As for the winner - Italy - Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Winners Performance - Italy 🇮🇹 - Eurovision 2021

I can only speak personally but - sorry guys - I disliked the song and dislike heavy rock and roll and heavy metal music as just noise. Everyone in the room agreed and we turned the volume down as it was just that - noise - and it is interesting the various winners of Eurovision over the years have been so diverse and so different you really can never tell who and what is going to be first past the post.

Congratulations to them - although I cannot see this group becoming a run away hit with the public the way Abba or Celine Diaon did after they won... and I cannot see much happening for them outside of Italy - actually - but good luck to them. Absolutely well done - as I am sure it came as a surprise to many as it did to me.

So another year has passed and another Eurovision has taken place. A missed year has been missed and now - and before long, it will be 'The Covid Year' when life and the universe as we know it ( as long as you were stocked up on toilet rolls ) continued on around us all while we watched Netflix.

Maybe we need someone new and exciting to write us a song, someone with no talent, no idea what they are doing, nothing that fits and rhymes and seems logical, get some old man with a stick and his grandaughter to sing it - let it be about a blind girl meeting the love of her life and make it sloppy and sad and funny and teary and smiley and beaty but slow and with a little bit of rap and a ballad and strings and drums and lots of electric guitar and backing singers and

feathers and bad dancers and make sure it is mega European tacky and guess what - we could win.

I remember Sandy Shaw winning fo the UK with Pupper On A String in 1967 ( I was 12 )

These were the days when Katie Boyle - who boasted she spoke 4 languages - hosted and we only had maybe a dozen countries enter and it was just a one evening event and not a 4 and 6 day event like these days. Not sure how Israel and Australia came to be in Europe... but also not sure about Russia either... one land mass suppose but then - China is also atached to this one land mass - but hardly Europe. It was good to akk be toigether and enjoying the company of Graham Norton aling with a room full of people all together and after a long year emoty - for us all - emoty homes - empty lives and sometimes empty thoughts - here is to a new beginning for us all, and while it may never be quite the same again, some kind of normal will eventually return and we all need to make room in our hearts for change - change is wiorking conditions as more work from home - change in our personal lives as many are afraid of intimacy and change in the way the world works.

Weclome back guys, Welcome Eurovision - you were missed. even though we always loose, we love the camp spectacul.

John Bellamy





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