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everyone is sexy x rated

When I was a sex worker one afternoon this hot 27 year old Brazilian came to get fucked. He got what he wanted. He also got the minimum. He was an asshole. Mega ego driven. Mega attitude, Mega in love with himself and actually, CRAP SEX. Same day - an older man of 72. Not very tall and as soon as he entered the house, he was fun.

He came to get fucked. He got the full service. He got a lot more than the Brazilian - a LOT more and my dick had a great deal more fun with him than it ever did the hot Brazilian.

Now - I wasn't about to suck, kiss, or rim either - oh I might have done the Brazilian but his attitude put me right off, whereas the old boy knew he wasn't hot and knew he only stood the chance of having sex with me if he paid ( unlike the other prick ) and we shared a great hour together and I really enjoyed his company and his sex... He sucked and rimmed me and got well fucked and kept saying ' Oh thankyou, this is Heaven' - which made me giggle. We chatted afterwards and he was a sweet man with no ego, no arrogance and it was so much nicer and I remember that day - oooo - 30 years later

These hotties are often so up themselves it comes from fear. Even though cute, they are afraid someone will look beyond the façade and realise, ' THERE'S A SCARED LITTLE BOY IN THERE.'

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