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fake e mails

This is the current e mail address I was sent today with a lengthy enquiry to answer.

I have learned that when people e mail THROUGH MY WEB SITE and include an address in this fashion - I ALWAYS RETURN THE MAIL TO ITS OWN ADDRESS WITH JUST



as in this case, within minutes of me sending, it is returned with UNKNOWN ADDRESS - meaning IT IS FAKE - and someone - somewhere - sends fake email addresses with lengthy enquiries for me to reply to and moments later have it returned as UNKNOWN ADDRESS and my time has been completely wasted.

BUT - because I do not fall into that game - and because I return it to CHECK IT IS GENUINE - my time is not wasted as it only takes a few seconds to send and receive and I do not then waste 20 minutes sorting a reply.

Not sure why people think it funny to mess about in this fashion, I can only assume envy, jealousy and resentment that we have the lifestyle they envy - or they simply have nothing else to do.

Besides. The more of these received means the more times they are opening onto my web site and so - PUSHING UP THE NUMBER OF VISITORS TO THE SITE - and with millions of hits a year - EVERY LITTLE HELPS - and every time we score more hits - the higher we go on google and as you will see - WE ARE NUMBER ONE IN GOOGLE.

So if you wish to mess about in this fashion, it actually helps us and proves you are going to the web site and - ha ha - WASTING YOUR OWN TIME - and just shows the level of mentality you have in sending such crap - as that is where your life is at - crap - while mine is working and running a gay mens clothing optional hotel retreat that I own with no mortgage, have fabulous staff, a busy venue, money in the bank, am HIV Negative after decades as a sex worker and the sun is shining and we are sharing a laugh here between us all - at the people who so resent they feel the need to make work for us and mess us around.


And it is SUCH A COMPLIMENT - knowing you SO ENVY ME AND MY LIFESTYLE and let's face it, MILLIONS OF GAY MEN AROUND THE WORLD would give their left nut to live an out gay lifestyle, and run such a venue. It is a fantasy for millions and here we are - living the dream - and we welcome everyone equally into our retreat / home to share anything and everything we have to offer and STILL people resent.

We offer free holidays to those in need - AND THAT GETS CRITIZISIZED by some.

We offer massive SPECIAL OFFERS and receive more abuse through this medium than at any other time. We offer events that people ask for and then cancel because of lack of support.

BUT - However much some try and destroy, close down and bankrupt those they resent, Hammy Hall is not mortgaged - we are busy regardless and after almost a quarter of a century in business, we are HUGELY LOVED AND RESPECTED the world over and I defy you to find another gay mens venue that has been mentioned on CNN News / SKY/Fox News - BBC1 and 2 - ITV 1,2,3 and mentioned in all the papers from the local Echo to the Times / Guardian and more - as well as staring in Channel 4's '3 IN A BED' to HUGE acclaim. Fully legal as a Men Only Venue - with all Health and Safety / Food Hygiene Certificates - and not just some private house with no insurance etc. and FULLY CLOTHING OPTIONAL ALL YEAR - and is the only such venue in all of the UK offering as much as we do to amuse, shock and enlighten men of all sexualities.

All this is down to me. John Bellamy. No one else. No Committee members messing about for fame and glory. No corporate / religious / council / or business back up of support - no charity foundation raising funds, no Crowd Funding to help pay our bills - WE DO THIS - THROUGH HARD WORK AND A LOVE OF WHAT WE DO.

AND on days like today where we have spent several hours this morning in the garden, watering, cleaning, sorting and enjoying the outdoors, - watching and checking on the lettuce and the courgettes growing - seeing as flowers are coming into bloom and how all the bulbs Woody put in during the spring, and all the existing plants are also all coming up and while we have forgotten quite what we put in, it is a wonderful surprise when up it comes and flowers and the joy and wonderment for us - we are like small kids giggling with pleasure... as it really is the small things that often give the most pleasure. (or so they tell me... )

Life is too short to resent.

Life is too short to envy others.

Life is definitely too short to be jealous as that emotion only destroys those who are jealous.

Life is what you make it - and we at Hamilton Hall may have a lifestyle and a destiny that many aspire to - and that's why we share it as freely and so openly with those who are worthy and those who respect and those who enjoy and appreciate what is offered and how it all comes from the heart.

I may not always come across as positively as I should some times as life / work does get you down at periods, but I am NEVER depressed ( no time for that ) and I am ALWAYS back up again pretty quick as having Woody and Gary here - we bounce off each other and have a laugh and it's always great fun.

Hamilton Hall - There really is no place like it - anywhere.

copyright © 2022

Hamilton Hall Productions.

All rights reserved.


Return this e mail with


Our mailing address is

Hamilton Hall Hotel

1 Carysfort Road


Dorset BH14EJ


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