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Father sentenced to prison for hiring a hitman to ambush his gay sonThe father repeatedly attacked

A 75-year-old Italian man has been sentenced to two years in prison after he hired a hitman to attack his son and his son’s partner. The ongoing terror campaign started when the son ap

peared in a newspaper with another man.

The dad reportedly paid a man 2,500 euro (approximately $3,000) to attack his son, a surgeon, and break his fingers so that he couldn’t work. It wasn’t the first time the father had hired goons to ambush the gay couple.

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The problems started in 2017 when the father saw pictures of his son with a male actor in a tabloid. The son had already told his father that he was gay the year before. At the time, the father just said, “Too bad. I wanted grandchildren.”

The father then lashed out against his son and the son’s male partner. The man’s partner was severely beaten earlier this year by thugs hired by the father. The man was hospitalized after the attack. The couple’s car has also been vandalized.

The father also harassed his wife of 42 years when she decided to leave him. And the father’s harassment of the don escalated when the son intervened to stop his father from beating his mother one day.

The son told authorities that his father had him followed and heckled in the streets and that he’d been forced to change his locks and disrupt his normal routine to avoid any problems.

“Apart from the patients I knew, I was afraid to make visits, never knowing who I might meet,” he said, adding that he spent years only leaving his home accompanied by friends because he was so afraid of his father attacking him.

That led the son to finally report his father to the police in 2018. He testified that he wanted to understand why his father was attacking him and that’s why he didn’t immediately report the father.

The father even sued his son for removing his teeth without his permission. While the ridiculous lawsuit didn’t go anywhere, it added to the son’s stress.

Then the father hired a hitman in May of this year. “My son is a thug, break his fingers,” the father allegedly told the hitman.

The hitman stalked the son and his partner for two weeks but didn’t see them commit any crimes or even interact with other criminals. So he told the son about his fathers plan… after slashing the son’s tires as well as the tires on the mother’s new car.

A prosecutor told the court that the son and his mother have a “well-founded fear for their safety and that of the people connected to them, forcing them to alter their habits.”

The father “had decided to ruin [his son’s] life, breaking his hands,” Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino wrote in a note to the court. “The hands of his son, a surgeon by profession. The ‘reason’? He is homosexual. It happened in the 21st century. In the province of Turin.”

“Fortunately, the hired man refused to carry out an act as cruel as it was senseless and confessed everything to the victim who, in this way, was able to file a complaint. The father was sentenced to two years, but today will still hear the cry of yet another victim of homo-lesbo-bi-trans-phobia which, as the daily news shows, is absolutely present in our country.”

The LGBTQ organization Arcigay Torino said that the victim was targeted “because he loves another man.”

“No person should live in fear because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Precisely for this reason, we underline the importance of a law that will protect LGBTQIA+ people from such abuses.”

The relatively lax sentence comes from Italy’s lack of a hate crimes law. The father was only charged with aggravated assault and stalking.

The Italian parliament is currently considering a hate crimes law.

“We need a law as soon as possible,” said Mayor Appendino, “to help bring about a profound cultural change. We need this cultural change to pass through the institutions, from the school, from the families, to the citizen. This hatred must be defeated as soon as possible. Without exception.”


John Bellamy Comments:

So there you are. The loving face of a parent to their son.

A Friend of mine, some decades ago - when he came out to his Spannish Mother, she disowned him for 5 long years. Eventually his brothers got them talking again and she stated

' I cried more over you being gay - than had you died.'

So there you have it. She would rather her son was dead than gay - as it would cause her less grief explaining how she has a gay son, how it must be her fault, and how could he do this to her - as it was all about her and her standing in the family and community and not a single thought about the happiness of her son.

And she called herself a good Christian women.

I tell you , there are some appalling people out there and - generally speaking - many are Christians.

So much for an all loving God then.

So much for Peace and Tranquility.

So much for religion.

One of the most evil and twisted organisations at turning people against their own, damning and destroying millions - guilty of mass genocide and torture of the human consciousness. The Church of Rome - GUILTY OF MASS MURDER and the destruction of family life using any tool at their dosposal besides just being antu LGBTQ - the chuyrch damns and destroys anything and anyone that stands between them and power. PERIOD.


Your comments are - as always - invited.



When I was a kid my parents divorced and this was a shame on my Mother, being in the 1960's in Belfast. She was seen as the wrong one that caused the split even though it was my Father who was unfaithful. My sister who was a few years older than me, ( I was 12 and she was 16 ) stupidly got herself pregnant and my mother 'gave her up ' to the Magdelene sisters ( nuns who used girls as slaves and beat them to death and the horrors were exposed in the 1990's ) and my sister vanished from our lives for 35 years or more.

I located

her through the internets DNA tracing scheme and it linked me with a 'possible sister' in Australia where the nuns had taken her and my Mother had been told her daughter had died and decades later we find she is alive and well. Turns out the nuns beat her repeatedly after taking ( stealing ) her baby and selling it and shipped her as far away to a convent in Brisbane until she escaped and made a life for herself from the age of 20 onwards. The church seperated us from finding anything out and told us she was dead when they knew perfectly well where she was and that she was alive and my old Ma went to her grave forever sorry she had given her only daughter up and went to her grave hoping that one day she would be reunited.

Sadly she never was but I was and although we have become close, the child she had was lost to the system and she never was able to find out what hapopened except the nuns adopted the child to a family and would never release the details. The church - is one evil manipulative money grabbing, soul desytroying evil. Michael H.

If this was my priest, then I might attend Confession ...

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