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Florida Wants to Ban Psychology Classes from Schools as Part of Its War on the LGBTQ+ Community

Florida Wants to Ban Psychology Classes from Schools as Part of Its War on the LGBTQ+ Community

Yet again, Florida is setting terrifying and dangerous precedents for censorship in schools. This time, the state has effectively banned high schools from teaching AP Psychology because it includes content about gender and sexuality — something the state has tried to prevent with its "Don't Say Gay" law. AP Psychology includes content on gender and sexuality because those are key aspects of the study of psychology, and have been for a very long time. Luckily, after intense public outcry, the Florida Board of Education appeared to slightly walk back its draconian move, claiming that the course could be still taught as long as it was "age appropriate." But schools across the state have already pulled the class from their course offerings, given the recent ruling. Approximately 30,000 high school students were set to take the course, and teachers put countless hours into lesson plans. But because of Republican fragility, hatred of the LGBTQ+ community, and fear of students using minds of their own, many students will face severe curtailing of their education. The Florida Board of Education must fully reverse the AP Psychology ban and commit to educational freedom moving forward! Sign now if you agree!

Thank you, Miranda Care2 Petitions Team


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