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Former President Donald Trump bragged that he effectively obstructed justice during a Fox News inter

Former President Donald Trump bragged that he effectively obstructed justice during a Fox News interview.
Amid demands for Attorney General Merrick Garland to impanel a grand jury, Trump told Fox News that he simply had to fire former FBI Director James Comey. Otherwise, he could have been held accountable for his relationship with Russia during the 2016 election.
"Don't forget, I fired Comey," Trump bragged. "Had I not fired Comey, you might not be talking to me right now about a beautiful book about four years in the White House, and we'll see about the future. If I didn't fire Comey, they were looking to take down the president of the United States… I don't think I could've survived if I didn't fire him."
The report published by former special counsel Robert Mueller said that they didn't even look at whether Trump broke the law during the 2016 election because he followed the Office of Legal Counsel's opinion that the president couldn't be indicted while in office. What Mueller did say was that he uncovered at least 10 examples of obstruction of justice from Trump attempting to stop his investigation.

John Bellamy Comments: Well there you have it. A president admitting he fired people because they were investigating him for illegal practice. AND HE BRAGS ABOUT THIS ? After all this time OUT of office, how come he has not been arrested, busted, proven to be a liar, jailed and destroyed as anything but scum.

With so many countries going backwards and not forwards - Poland - Hungary - Russia and America trying to enforce backward looking laws concerning LGBTQ and taking away their rights and making / forcing LGBTQ FREE ZONES - and I do wonder how this is possible as who knows who is LGBTQ or not as we do not all live 'out of the closet' and we do not all make it obvious, and not all men are married a or women have children, so who can tell... and besides, with the large majority of gay men with wives and kids in the past and many MANY still married and still a good and loyal father and where no one knows they are gay, not even their wives - and let's face it guys, the vast majority of gay men have been / are married and live in hiding dipping in and out of the gay scene if and when it suits them., so how can these backward countries make LGBTQ FREE ZONES... which looks to harm many.

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