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Gas Board Rip Off

I wanted a new hob top, some 3 years ago.

I bought a new hob top - 3 years ago.

I got a man in to fit said new gas hob top, 3 years ago.

He refused as he said the gas meter was in the wrong spot and needed to be moved.

That was over 3 years ago and the company has messed around and messed around and now at last they seem to be getting their act together.

BUT : Today I am sent an invoice for what the work - yet to do - will cost and they seem to be living under the illusion that it is up to me to pay for the alterations.


Infrastructure cost: £ 1841.32

Design charge costs: £ 0.00

Existing mains infill contribution: £ 0.00

Meter housing/kiosk excluding base cost: £ 960.63

Meter housing/kiosk base cost: £ 1254.84

Specialist reinstatement: £ 0.00

Estimated easement costs: £ 0.00

Reinforcement A Cost: £ 0.00

Less Connection Allowance: £ 0.00

Sub Total (excluding VAT): £ 4056. VAT £ 811.36

Contract sum: £ 4868.15

They claim I need a bigger unit and that means a bigger gas pipe from the road dug up through my car park and I have to pay and my answer is - then leave it as it is and do nothing. If the meter is in the wrong place than I will take down the cupboard in front of it and be done with it as I am NOT about to fork out nearly £5,000 to have a gas meter moved.

This absurdity is hitting many people with their car emissions where in London thousands are being penalized for having cars that are now seen as polluters EVEN THOUGH WE WERE ENCOURAGED TO BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE... BUY DIESEL - BUY DIESEL - and then when the law is changed the consumer is expected to pick up the costly tab.

I REFUSE to pay £5000 to have a new gas meter as if and when I die - this house will be pulled down and new flats built in its place so any major cost to the house is only any good for myself, and with a costly £10,000 new boiler a few years ago and now this huge cost to move the gas meter, it simply is not financially worth my while. We make very little profit here and what profit we do make is used to offer free holidays and breaks for those in need and remember - I DO NOT EVEN TAKE A WAGE - ALL I GET IS HOUSE AND BOARD - while investing MY MONEY in the venue - MY HARD WORK - MY PASSION AND COMPASSION - and I'll be damned if I am going to be screwed out of so much money to put right something that was okay when I moved in here and now is not. They change the law and we are meant to pay HUGELY for the privilege.

It's just another BIG BUSINESS conning customers.


Your comments are always welcome:


John. I crowd funded when I needed a new boiler for my B&B and I actually got it paid in this fashion. Why not try that one. Jimmy


I feel for you John. I know how hard you work and for so little financial reward and now this gas meter cost. Enough to make you want to scream. David (Glasgow )


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