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Gay adult film star beat up cops during January 6 riots.

Gay adult film star beat up cops during January 6 riots. Now he’s going away for a long time.

He blamed the FBI, his drug-using mother, and "BLMAntifaTerroristThugs" for his actions during the insurrection.

By Daniel Villarreal Monday, February 12, 2024

Steven Miles

A federal judge has sentenced Proud Boy member and gay adult film actor Steven Miles, who performs under the name Sergeant Miles, to two years in prison for assaulting police officers during the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Miles must also pay $2,000 in restitution and undergo one year of supervised release after prison.

Miles, a military veteran who has a wife, “accepted full responsibility for the crime which he committed” and said he was “humbled and humiliated,” according to court documents. However, this month, he has also reposted images on X (formerly Twitter) blaming the FBI, the “Deep State,” and “#BLMAntifaTerroristThugs” for “stag[ing] a riot to cover up a stolen election.” His posts repeat former President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that an unprecedented conspiracy of nationwide voter fraud “stole” the 2020 election from him without leaving any evidence. Miles has since deactivated his X account.

Video captured Miles at the Capitol riots wearing a jacket bearing his last name and a t-shirt that read “Trump 2020 F**k Your Feelings.” Footage showed him shoving and throwing punches at officers before breaking a window with a wooden beam and crawling through it.


Miles has been charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers, civil disorder, and engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds with a dangerous weapon, according to WFLA. He faced up to 45 years in prison, but struck a plea deal by pleading guilty to the assault.

Miles’s lawyer asked the judge not to imprison him, pointing out that he was “abandoned” by his “drug addict” mother at age five (who offered him marijuana at a young age) and was then raped and abused by his foster family. He also said he almost died in a drive-by shooting and saw his mother being raped at age seven. He also said a robber took all his family’s possessions, killed the family cat, and wrote “die cracker” on the wall. He began living on the street at age 12 and experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during his military service, his lawyer added.

Miles began performing in adult videos in 2013 and has made videos with long-running studios like Lucas Entertainment, Falcon, Hot House, and Raging Stallion. He has appeared in such films as Rear Ended, Bred for Business, Raw Meat Packers, Dominated Gay Cuckolds, and Secrets Between Uncles & Nephews.

However, around 2018, Miles began making social media posts voicing his support for Trump, criticizing adult studios for acting like “scared little bitches” and shutting down productions due to the COVID-19 “China virus,” and talking about how out of place he felt in Portland, Oregon surrounded by “douchebag social justice warriors, feminazis, and idiot Hillary supporters.”

Other adult performers began publicly criticizing Miles. One of his scene partners, performer Kurtis Wolfe, said he was “disgusted” to have appeared in a scene with the “nut job.” Amid reports of studios “banning” Miles, Falcon Studios director Steve Cruz and Lucas Entertainment’s formerly Republican and Islamophobic owner Michael Lucas wrote in Miles’s defense.

“Miles has given a lot for this country,” Lucas wrote in a now-deleted post on X, “and the least our industry can do is allow him to exercise his talents without subjecting him to political vetting based on views shared by a large percentage of the country and our customers.”

Five people died during the insurrection, and roughly 140 police officers were injured. The injuries included a broken spine, a lost eye, lost fingers, brain damage, and multiple cases of PTSD. While ransacking the Capitol, the rioters shattered windows while trying to access congressional chambers, smeared feces in the hallway, and stole computer equipment, potentially constituting a national security breach. Over 1,265 people have been charged for their alleged criminal actions during the riots.

Trump’s baseless claims about the “stolen” 2020 election were rejected over 60 times for lack of evidence in courts across the country, including in rulings by Trump-appointed judges.


John Bellamy Comments:

It staggers me that there is a group called ' GAYS FOR TRUMP' and any friend of mine would NOT be a friend of mine if he supported Trump. It staggers that anyone, gay or straight, would follow this man but then millions voted Hitler into power and see what that ended up causing.

I cannot state this strong enough -

Before WW2 there were various people claiming LONG BEFORE IT ERUPTED - that Hitler was evil, he was up to no good, that millions would die and that he was taking us down the wrong road - and these people were laughed at and ridiculed.

' Maurice - my friend - Why are you and Esther selling up and leaving - and why are you leaving our lovely village in Poland - Germany - Austria - or anywhere in mainland Europe - take your pick - and setting sail for the USA ? Maurice why are you running away ?'

Maurice and Esther escaped the holocaust because they could read the writing on the wall - they could see the future - they were not dumb and ignorant and paid attention and saw what was coming and got the hell out of there before the Jews, LGBT and many others were rounded up and put into the camps.

Many simply refused to believe it could happen in a modern world - but it damned well did and few people did anything against it.

Some were loud and vocal in warning others and were considered nuts - panic merchants - attention seekers, and yet were proven right and chances are - gained another HALF CENTURY OF LIFE whereas those who stayed, were slaughtered in their millions.

I cannot stipulate strong enough that Trump is ANOTHER HITLER and given the chance, as he has already stated, he wants to be a DICTATOR and GO AFTER and have his minions GO AFTER - ANYONE AND EVERYONE who has ever crossed him, spoken against him, voiced discontent with him or even looked at him funny - and HE WILL become worse than Hitler and HE WILL become a life president and HE WILL put the Constitution aside and claim it is for the peoples protection against the awful LGBT community grooming and raping our children ( what garbage ) and protecting women from themselves ( taking away their reproduction rights ) stop us reading ANYTHING concerning history and BLM - LGBT history - ANYTHING that does not match his White Christian Supremist view of the world and the Bible and will do whatever he can to take the lead and rule - not for us - BUT OVER US - and not as a protector, but like Sadam Heusin, to control us to suit his own ends. It is NOT about the people at all, and TRUMP DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT FOR A SINGLE SUPPORTER or financial backer unless they are contributing millions, - he only cares about his own standing and being the Leader of the Free World gives this megalomaniac and this narcissist all the ego feed he so desperately needs and relies on.

Look at the lies. He lied about how many came to his original Inauguration - ' the biggest ever - ' when clearly it was not.

This is the man who ridicules the disabled - mocks the armed forces - makes suggestions to drink and inject bleach and disinfectant to cure Covid and this is the nut job who wants to change the Constitution to suit himself and be a World Dictator for life.

Whatever happens in the next election we must all pray he does not get in - and even if he looses - there will still be ongoing discontent and major trouble in the USA by his followers who - and this is where I just want to ( tragically ) laugh and cry at the same time, his followers believe he is the next Jesus and believe the

Bible is about Trump being the Second Coming.

I despair that people who have the ability to think as adults - rationally and with common sense, can follow such a blatantly dangerous man and - it seems - many are willing to walk right off the cliff in order to show solidarity to this fat, pussy grabbing, violent threatening, abuser - and it staggers how so many cannot see through the crap to the real vacuous attention seeking / demanding little man that he really is.

Hitler was adored and worshipped by millions just as Trump is. Sad thing is, today we have better technology and Trumps words are global within minutes and let's just hope and pray the people wake up and come to their senses.

People in Europe, England and America and many other countries are sick of the same old corrupt political system that has bled us dry and given us - the people, crumbs off the table that we very handsomely paid for through our taxes and we are belittled, lied to and betrayed by all governments promising so much and never coming through and then - get this - blaming the people for the mistakes THEY made , THEIR lies and their blatant misinformation / fake news in order to stay in power and stay employed, regardless of the truth and honesty to us - the people.



John. Thanks for sending me this article prior to its release.

I agree wholeheartedly. I think I may even have a film or two with that Trump loving Steve Miles in. I admit it does all sound a little severe - but I agree John that Trump is dangerous - and the like of his followers are more dangerous, than many assume. If he is voted into power in the next election, we here in the USA who have opposed Trump are fearful of the outcome and the gun totting Trumpers who are a danger to decent people as Trump is to decency.

It aint gunna be pretty and here in Florida under DeSantis - a Trump wanna be - we are struggling as LGBT laws are put in place against us - drag queens and trans are vilified as groomers, pedo's and worse and the ignorant Trump follower beat and murder with permission from Trump and it is only going to get worse as more repressive laws are introduced against us.

It aint pretty John and is going to get a lot worse. Rick. Sarasota.


John. I like to live in my own little protected bubble of ignorance and so do not read - watch or listen to the news at all. I am cushioned in my own little world of happy ignorance. I watch little TV and then am very choosy what I watch. I haven't a clue who is the Prime Minister of the UK or what is going on in the world. Your Newsletter is quite harsh sometimes with its warnings and predictions and I do admire you for that but it affects my own self feelings of security so can I please be deleted from your data base. I can the go back to my life of safety.


Colin: You are part of the problem. Remaining ignorant helps no one and isolating yourself does not help you or anyone. Your happiness to remain ignorant while living in a country - not on an island all isolated and alone, is questionable - as you seem content to remain ignorant. It does not offer you safety or anything else, it just offers you the feeling that nothing can harm you when it damned well can and remaining dumb just serves to show how shallow you are to simply not care about anyone but yourself. It is people like you who did nothing when Hitler rounded up the Jews and the LGBT etc. People like you who said nothing when millions were slaughtered in various wars and not just WW2. It is people like you who claim not to take sides while betraying the very people around you and saying and doing nothing and claiming ' I didn't know' - when to put it simply - this IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH COLIN.

Even the basics - you need to know the basics.


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