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Gay Podcaster Powerfully Breaks Down The Real Reason Targeting A Gay Bar Is So Devastating

The gay podcaster laid out why attacking LGBTQ+ people in their 'safe space' signifies a deeper hatred—and a call to action.

In the wake of the shooting at the LGBTQ+ bar Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado, writer and podcaster Dan Savage spoke out to shine light on the subtext of the tragedy.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Savage described what a massacre at a supposed safe space for queer people actually means

Savage added what queer people and allies must do in response.

Savage began by pointing out what anti-LGBTQ+ people actually want—for queer people to keep their lives and identities out of public view.

He wrote:

"People who hate queer people want us to keep it private. Behind closed doors. Someplace they don't have to see it."

Savage added queer bars provide a necessary space for queer people to be together safely.

"And the doors of a gay bar are doors we keep it behind. A place we can go and be together and not bother *them* with the fact of our existence."

But queer bars provide far more than mere safety.

They provide a place for queer people to forget that this hatred exists.

As Savage described it:

"But behind those doors we can forget — we can suspend our disbelief — and pretend the haters don't exist. Just for a few hours."

The attack at Club Q—like the 2016 Pulse shooting before it—serve as reminders from anti-LGBTQ+ bigots of what they truly want.

For queer people to simply not exist.

Citing a rallying cry from the 1969 Stonewall Riots—a trans-led rebellion that spawned the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement—Savage called upon queer people to use Club Q as an incitement to action.

Our Community

Savage wrote:

"So, if we're not safe in there... behind closed doors... where they say they want us... we have no choice but to fight to make it safe everywhere, for all LGBT people."
"'Out of the bars and into the streets!'"

Savage then positioned the ways in which queer people fought back inside Club Q on Saturday night as part of a long history of queer resistance.

He finished his thread with a call to action and a commitment to "fight until we're safe everywhere."


JB Comments: This may be America, but when you look at the LGBT map of many countries, many are backtracking on LGBT laws and taking away once fought for rights - and here in the UK we are very lucky we do not have this fight on our hands - and very lucky the mad craze in the USA of being anti trans and denying trans rights in all manner of ways., has not come to the UK and with luck, never will.

It does go to show the level - THE HIGH LEVEL - of complete and utter ignorance when it comes to the LGBT community and how some fear a GAY AGENDA - which is supposedly gay men turning young boys gay, is such utter rubbish, as an out gay man for over 50 years, I have NEVER - EVER heard of a gay agenda or anything else where gay men want to convert - and is more likely scared gay men living in complete denial with their wives and kids and screaming at those of us who took a different path and came out and are proud. Most homophobia comes from married scared men afraid of their own sexuality and the thought that - really - deep down, they want to suck cock.

The level of sexual child abuse is over 90% heterosexual, yet they scream at the LGBT community in order to hide their own guilt and their own fear of being seen for what they really are.


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Five people died and at least 25 more were injured in the Club Q shooting.

The alleged shooter is currently hospitalized and in custody.


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