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George Takei says ‘willfully unvaccinated’ should stop receiving priority medical care

George Takei says ‘willfully unvaccinated’ should stop receiving priority medical care.

Takei's statements came as hospitals are canceling so-called "elective" procedures as the unvaccinated clog up healthcare systems.

"The willfully unvaccinated who wind up in hospitals from Covid should not receive priority medical care over other very sick or injured people who are as much in urgent need of medical care," Takei posted to his 3.2 million followers on Twitter.

"Anti-vaxxers think they are owning us liberals by refusing to get vaccinated. But as the kids say, this is an epic self-own," he explained.





JB Comments:


Do we get hospitals to prioitize patience who HAVE been vaccinated over those UN VACCINATED people who made a choice and are now ill ? We see in America so many unvaccinated people now clogging up the hospitals having succumbed to Covid and I feel very little sympathy as they knew the facts, we all have access to the internet and we can all make adult decisions for ourselves and I am one of those people who stick to what I have decided and am grown up enough to do so - and it seems - many adults are not - are still child like and still questioning - which is always good, and under the circmstances, where life and death ar concerned - we have to follow the route everyone is taking as it makes life easier. Even I have a mobile phone afyter never having one until the initial lockdown 18 monmths ago. I found it too hard without and had to bend to what the masses are doing in order to do banking and so much more..

I have had to ask a friend not to come into Hamilton Hall unless he wears a mask as he has refused to take the vaccine - and considering he has a girlfriend who has a special needs 12 year old son at school, and neither Mother or son have been vacinnated, and he has elderly parents, and they spent a weekend at Butlins with thousands of other people - mega risky - I consider it dangerous to allow him into the building, and I am afraid he will allow this to put a strain on our friendship when no strain should be there at all if only he followed suit and vaccinnated like everyone else. I miss seeing him - dearly - but I cannot make a rule for the hotel and then betray my guests who rely on me to keep them as safe as possoble and if that means turning away guests and friends who choose not to vaccinate, THEIR CHOICE - then that is unfortunate, but until / unless this ends and w ecan all mingl as before, then all are welcome but under the circumstances - NO ENTRY TO NON VACCINATED PEOPLE.

I have to keep myself and Hamilton Hall safe for all who enter and anyone who is not vaccinated and / or refuses to take it for whatever reason, is not welcome at Hamilton Hall until they have been - or wear a mask - properly - PERIOD.

It's not a fucking joke yet so many seem to appear to think the whole thing to be fake while people drop dead around us and STILL they consider the vaccine to be dangerous... so either take a drug they assume is dangerous - or catch Covid and die - these people only have the 2 choices and it isn't a hard one to consider at all.

The insanity of it:- Vaccines work and anyone saying they don't just have to check out the data.

Scientific advances in the first half of the 20th Century led to an explosion of vaccines that protected against whooping cough (1914), diphtheria (1926), tetanus (1938), influenza (1945) and mumps (1948). Thanks to new manufacturing techniques, vaccine production could be scaled up by the late 1940s, setting global vaccination and disease eradication efforts in motion.

Vaccines against polio (1955), measles (1963), rubella (1969) and other viruses were added to the list over the decades that followed, and worldwide vaccination rates shot up dramatically thanks to successful global health campaigns. The world was announced smallpox-free in 1980, the first of many big vaccine success stories, but there was still a long way to go with other infectious diseases.

By the late 1990s, the progress of international immunization programmes was stalling. Nearly 30 million children in developing countries were not fully immunized against deadly diseases, and many others weren’t immunized at all. The problem was that new vaccines were becoming available but developing countries simply could not afford them.

In response, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and partners came together in 2000 to set up the Global Alliance for Vaccines and immunization, now called Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The aim was to encourage manufacturers to lower vaccine prices for the poorest countries in return for long-term, high-volume and predictable demand from those countries. Since its launch, child deaths have halved, and 13 million deaths have been prevented.

In the 1980s thousands of gay men were put on a drug trial - AZT - and given different doses as the science behind the drug was not complete and they experimented on humans and - basically - killed through AZT poisoning, thosands of men while the pharmacuiticle companies rolled in the cash but eventually worked out the correct doses - so many were killed in the meantime - but ultimately - a corner was turned and HIV medication has since taken leaps and bounds and there were those screaming about the dangers involved, and sadly, I knew over a dozen good young men killed with AZT poisoning, but the truth is - no one knew the doses to give and it seems this was the only way.
Now - where were the straight people screaming about the dangers of vaccines then ? Nowhere - because they saw it as a gay plague and only now with Covid attacking anyone and everyone are they up in arms and declaring their passion for the truth - when truth never bothered them before. But maybe because it was gay men and who gave shit for the faggots anyway...

This reminds me of the Human Rights Act.

If someone breaks into my home while I am out, and badly injures themselves while breaking in, I CAN BE PROSECUTED and their human rights are more important in law - than mine.

I believe that the second that person picked up a brick to throw at my window, his Human Rights should be null and void and mine should take prioity, as I am the victim - he is the perpetrator - and I seem to remember the fact that


whereas these days it is


I come from a broken home.

I left school at 15 with very little real education.

At 30 years of age I was homeless and unemployed and made a life for myself with no ones help.

I did it MY WAY and never signed on, never expecte hand outs - never abused, robbed, murdered, conned or did anything illegal to get to where I am today and using someones home life as an excuse to why they rob and murder is redundant as many have a similar background and never turn to violence. It's an excuse.

Life is too short.





Well done John, totally with you on the 'anti vaxers unwelcome’ stance.

There’s a definitely type in my queeny mind. In my local CooP recently, all wearing masks except a girl wearing a belt as a skirt and 6” bangle earrings, with possibly her boyfriend, constantly scratching his balls and saying fuck every other word and going against the one way system in the shop, almost knocking others over. Says it all really.

All the best, Michael.


Dear John: Totally behind you with the vaccine and expect everyone to have had one if and when told to by their doctor. It is madness going without and all those who say Bill Gates has created a chip in each jab so we can be monitored - is just such irresponsible childish gibberish and really - any adult saying this must be laughed at as it is just silly talk. My dogs have been chopped for over 20 years so why would they wait until today to chiop us all, it would have been used already in other means of transmision and I really don't think they would ruin the economy to do so. The world is full of morons John. Richare B. ( Newcastle )


Another great Blog John. Do enjoy my weekly read. Love what you say about not allowing peoplem in without a jab and completely behind you with that. Well done on taking the stance and standing your ground. Too many anti Covid and anti maskers out there. Madness John, Absolute madness.

Keep up the good work.

John ( STreatham ) ----------------------------

Dear John,

You make it very clear that unvaccinated people are not welcome at Hamilton Hall.

My husband and I are fully vaccinated. We did not do it for ourselves, or out of personal conviction, but because it was the solution that was adopted worldwide as the quickest way out of the crisis.

My husband has been unwell ever since and his symptoms are getting worse. He has had all kinds of tests which have led the neurologist to dismiss the hypotheses of brain/liver cancer or multiple sclerosis and to think the only explanation left is the vaccination.

Last year we were cycling up mountains. Now, at the age of 56, he can't walk more than 100 yards, has had to give up his building work, has trouble digesting food and his weight loss is frightening.

In this situation, reading some of the things you post about people who are skeptical or unvaccinated is like being punched in the face or kicked in the stomach.

I am not sure that being judgmental about people you do not know and do not seem to try to understand really helps very much.

Thank you.

John Responds:

I have read some answers to articles writen in the past but this confusion of garbage takes the top spot of being written by someone in shock about what is going on in his life and hitting out at anyone concerning his lot in life and blaming others when he has absolutely no idea what it is that has caused his friend to be so ill and nowhere does he state IT DEFINATELY IS THE JAB and just says the doctor assumes it is because he has not found anything else.

That is garbage.

That is dangerous and irresponsible garbage from the mouth of his doctor.

If he doesn't know, DO NOT immediately assume it to be something when you haven't got a clue.

Is he saying the vaccine is dangerous for us all ? What, exactly, is the foolish man saying and what is the point of his e mail as all it does is moan and not support or offer anything constructive and considering he personally HAS NOT HAD DIFFICULTIES FROM THE VACCINE it is just surmised by a doctor who has simply given up on anything else being the cause - and considering it took my doctors 5 years to decide I had IBS and a further 4 years to decide I had arthritis - when I could have told them but they were dim dim dim and slow slow slow - then I would have little faith in trusting this diagnisis which he states, is guess work... and then he rags at me and says I am judgemental when I am not at all.

Think he needs some therapy and while I am very sorry for his partner, best not put all your eggs in one basket and guess it is the jab when it may be something completely different and you will have missed it while ragging about the Covid vaccine.


John. Absolutely with you on the No Vaccine - No Entry thing. I wear masks everywhere I go even though vaccinated.

Irresponsible people are making this new variant rife and all over the country so WHY would I continue without a vaccine unless I wanted to get ill. Madness John. Absolute madness. Rob ( Newcastle )


We are both vaccinated. We have both been safe and in doors for over a year.

We have both had no reaction to the jab and completely support your aspect of No Vaccine - No Entry.

That would entice me to come and stay at your venue whereas I would think long and hard about attending if you did not. ~Well done John and to those who find fault, GROW UP. Dennis ( Glastonbury )


I read with great dismay about those who oppose wearing masks and having the jab and I do wonder where some people keep their brains as clearly for some, it has to be in their arsehole. I mean fancy not having the vaccine when the world is in the middle of the biggest health crisis the planet has ever seen. If remaining non vaccinated and they get ill, then they deserve to be ill and not have the NHS run around saving the life of someone who deliberately put themselves - and others - deliberately at risk and like if someone jumps in front of a train, it's their responsibility if they get hurt. Some are just morons John and others just brain dead. Sye ( St. Ives )


John. I am afraid to have the vaccine because of all the negative press. I hear a few things that frighten me and then I don't know what to do. Help. Don. ( Jersey ) --------------------------------- 3 weeks ago John, in Asda, I mentioned to someone that they did not have a mask on and she went off on one - complete Karen Mode - screaming and going on about how it is stupid peple like me who wear masks and how it is dangerous and BOY she went off screaming for the whole shop to hear.

I just stood there and stared at her - saying nothing but shaking my head in disbelief.

The security man ended it by asking her to leave the store if she was going to make such a noise and she left, still screaming her rights.

Fast Forward 3 weeks - yesterday - in Asda, the same security man was there and he recognised me, came over, and told me how the women involved had caused trouble in scores of other shops and screamed her way around the whole

shopping mall after she left Asda the other week until being arrested for breaking the peace and was tested and shown to be positive for Covid. He stated she was currently in hospital on a ventilator, so I suppose Devine Powers have taken her out of the equasion for a while and while I hope she gets better, I did laugh with the security man and between us agreed it was bad to laugh, but felt so good as - stupid women, deserves all she gets.

Adam H.


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