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And please remember:- When you go to vote to take with you your intelligence, your common sense, your cognitive mind and most of all, a big pair of balls big enough so you can handle the bullshit, -

You can stand against the bullies, you can make up your own mind and not be swayed by a domineering mafia boss threatening you and your family, your job, the LGBTQ community, womens rights, anyone with Covid 19 and anyone black,

hispanic, or foreigh - and remember how the USA use to be when there was equality for all, a level playing field where everyone found freedom and safety within a country whose very Constitution offers protection under the law - and not the country that has murdering cops taking down just about anyone who is African American / foreigh - and where your legislators are against womens personal reproductive rights and womens rights period - and against same sex marriage - and where your President is openly encouraging violence if he looses this election and where he is inviting Civil War - and this is NOT the kind of leader you want - a bully - a war mongerer - a man who will seperate and divide the great USA into waring factions within its boarders and behind the wall.

The world is watching America.

The world is fucked up enough without someone destroying the USA and its standing around the world.