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glitter balls galore....

This may not be everyone's ' cup of tea' but I do get plenty of requests for Ball Weights / Cock Pumping etc. so here are some GLITTER BALLS for you to enjoy.

Now - MANY men cannot take their balls even touched, - and many - like me , have balls that hang right down and can take some weights on - ( in my prime I use to hang over 90lb from my balls alone ) And before some of you go into a panic about it hurting -GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT FIRST - If someone hangs weights from their balls then CLEARLY THEY LIKE IT and it does not hurt, so don't get all queenly on us and complain, as it is different for each of us and some can, and some cannot. If you want to learn more, then check out our DIARY OF EVENTS page and the COCK AND BALL WORKSHOP WEEKEND.

Happy Glitter Balls to you all