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GOP Rep Mocked for Asking If U.S. Can Alter Rotation of Sun and Moon to Curb Climate Change

Here we have proof that the stupidity of Donald Trump is catching.
First Trump suggested drinking bleach and disinfectant and putting light bulbs into the body to kill Covid.

Critics of Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert often decry him as the "dumbest member of Congress." When he caught the virus that's killed nearly 600 thousand Americans, he said it was due to wearing a mask. When Republicans claiming to be electors in the 2020 election showed up to submit sham electoral college votes, Gohmert sued the former Vice President for not counting them.

Comments from Gohmert during a Tuesday House Natural Resources Committee hearing have reinvigorated that criticism, after he suggested the Department of Agriculture (Forest Service) or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) could change the rotation of the sun and moon to curb climate change.

Citing claims from the past director of NASA that the moon's orbit is changing slightly, Gohmert asked a representative from the Department of Agriculture:

"So is there anything that the National Forest Service or BLM can do to change the course of the moon's orbit or the Earth's orbit around the sun?"

After a brief silence, the representative, apparently containing laughter, responded:

"I would have to follow up with you on that one, Mr. Gohmert."

People were amazed at Gohmert's question.

So Gohmert thinks the Green New Deal is bad, but he's open to CHANGING THE ORBIT OF THE EARTH AND THE MOON????

Now what astounds me is why didn't the representative who clearly is protecting his job by being polite in his answer - say something like

' WTF are you talking about you fucking moron ? Move the Moon ? How the fuck are we suppose to do that and as for changing the rotation of the sun;- Go to your room right now and sit and think about the stupid comments you just made and do not come out of your room until you know - until you realise, until you appreciate what a dumb c**t you are for even thinking such stupid things let alone actually speaking them out loud for the world to hear and the world to see what dumb c**ts there are running Congress of the most powerful nation on Earth. Now Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert, shut your mouth, say not a single word more, do not flap your lips and do not speak - keep it zipped, keep it shut and just smile at the camera and pretend - just for a moment, that you are an educated adult human being with decent cognitive abilities and pretent to be intelligent - even if just for a moment, and stop embarrasing the Republican Party and most of all, STOP MAKING AMERICANS LOOK LIKE UNEDUCATED FOOLS.'
What astounds is that people seem to get away with these comments, they say the most stupid thing a 5 year old in kindergarden might ask, and think they sound intelligent. It beggars belief as if I suggested something like this EVERYONE - and I mean - EVERYONE - would know that what I was saying was just - DUMB - and that maybe I need to go take my medication as clearly I was loosing concentration on reality and loosing cognitive ability and was drifting into the realms of imagination and maybe of a bad script for a bad sci fi movie that would flop in the ratings as even the public knew it was a dumb script and the movie failed yet the director of this imaginary movie, one Congressman Louie Gohmert, thinks he is making a serious and true documentary ... ( if you follow my gist ) and needs taking to the vet and being 'put down' not just for his sake, BUT FOR OURS.
I despair - as if the worlds largest economy and most powerful nation gives us Bush, Trump, and now Gohmert. ( oh and the list could go on and on with names, but let's just concentrate of these ones at the moment... ) then the USA is definately flushing itself down the toilet of its own making - right down the shitter of public disgust, distrust and dismay - and it is exactly where it deserves to be.
John Bellamy

Maybe this idiot has watched the movie below on Netflix and assumes it to be true...

When the sun dies out, the people of Earth build giant thrusters to move the planet out of orbit and sail to a new star system. After 2,500 years, young people continue the fight for everyone's survival.
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