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It is not gay men grooming future generations of kids we need to worry about as there are more than enough gay men around to satisfy - the worry is that the parents groom their own kids into religious - political - life style - LGBTQ hating belief systems that may cause havoc with many but are taught / brain washed into children from a young age and if they know no difference, then the grooming will stick and remain in place for ever.

It is not sexualizing children at all, and when a religious bigot grooms their own children to hate and despise, cause fights with non believers and even murder because of their teaching, then these parents should be jailed for grooming their kids with dangerous rhetorical belief systems that do harm to others.

These are the parents SCREAMING about how gay men push the imaginary ' gay agenda' which actually doesn't even exist but inside the small minds of LGBTQ haters and they make up this shit to prove their point which is unproveable if and when you ask any gay man about some hidden gay agenda.

Beside, most child sexual exploitation / comes from family members, straight family members and not the gay uncle. Oh it happens, but statically straight heterosexual people are far more likely to be the child abuser than any gay man is and out of fear, the straights SCREAM about the LGBTQ conspiracies that - only they have ever heard of, and the LGBTQ family is wrongly blamed for what the straight community is hiding.


Women sexually abuse - Fred West did not kill anyone, he was covering up for his wife. SHE was the murderer - even of her own daughter.

Women are just as guilty and yet men are given all the blame.

Grooming comes in many ways and religious grooming is far more deadly and dangerous than any sexual grooming.


It may not be sexual, but all knowledge shared is considered grooming if taught to a child. Every little thing a child sees or hears is grooming of an innocent mind, or as many would call it, teaching the child to be aware, to be careful and pre warned, and how to be street wise. Sexual grooming is often a family affair as well, brothers, unclues, sisters, mothers etc groom for some reason and we must never forget that.


I came out at 15 when an older man chatted me up and we spent the next 8 years in a relationship. I wish he had groomed me as he taught me fuck all over the years except what I picked up for myself and he - kinda - expected me to know how to behave within an adult relationship with almost no input from him at all.

Grooming comes in many different ways and most grooming is from schools, church and family and not the man down the road in the anorak. The most dangerous form of grooming is religious brain washing - grooming of what to believe and what is evil - and all too often, these distorted and unproveable truths damn and destroy more than it does support and love. Religion is the biggest groomer of them all, mind, body and spirit.


Warm weather could see drivers slapped with

£5,000 for not using air conditioning Story by Felix Reeves

Warm weather could see drivers slapped with £5,000 for not using air conditioning The Highway Code addresses what motorists should do when they are driving in warm weather, with the heat potentially affecting their ability to drive. Rule 237 states that the vehicle should be kept well-ventilated to avoid the driver becoming drowsy at the wheel. It is not just the heat that could affect drivers, but also the sunlight. If motorists are dazzled by the sunlight, they are advised to slow down and if necessary, stop. If someone does become drowsy and is not using their air con, they could be hit with a hefty fine for careless driving or for driving without due care and attention. Initially, this would be a £100 on-the-spot fine but could be escalated to a £5,000 fine if it were to go to court. In addition to the enormous fine, motorists could be left with nine penalty points on their licence or even a driving ban. When using the air conditioning, drivers are advised to use the “external” air setting, with the button showing an arrow entering the car. This is seen as the preferred method to ensure the car is cool rather than the air recirculation button. The air outside of the vehicle will normally be cooler, so circulating the cool air will drop the internal temperature down at a quicker rate. Experts from Vanarama state: “Meanwhile, open all remaining windows as the air-con system will take a little while to become fully effective.”

Following a period of hot weather, the road could become soft and slippery if it rains after periods of heat. This could become a reality for millions of drivers with the Met Office forecasting rain for much of the UK over the weekend. With the softer road, car tyres may not have the best grip on the road, causing the driver to potentially lose control of their steering and braking.

To avoid being too hot when at the wheel, drivers can use a wet cloth to wipe down the steering wheel before setting off. Motorists can dampen any parts of the car they may use a lot to make the driving experience more pleasant.

This could include wiping the steering wheel, gear stick and handbrake to avoid burning their hand while on the road.


John Bellamy Comments: So we are being told NOT To run air conditioning as it harms the environment - and here we are being told we will be fined up to £5,000 if we do not use it - ABSOLUTE MADNESS.

It is about time these people got their act togetjher and decided what we are suppose to do and stop the threats of fines all the time and it becomes a joke, the threats of fines for anything and everything is just designed to keep us living in fear. I am charging my Music Licence people who bill me yearly for playing music - £25 off the bill because every time they make a mistake, I charge them £25 - because they charge me if I make a mistake, so fares fare. They don't like it and try to add it onto the next years bills, but I am way ahead of them and refuse point blank. If they screw up, I chare them and tough shit if they do not like it.


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