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guilty until proven innocent.

When a women screams she has been physically abused by her partner and the said partner in return looses MILLIONS in lost revenue because of the accusations, and when it turns out the abuse was from HER AND NOT HIM - and where SHE is the abuser - like taking a dump on the pillow next to his sleeping head - so just imagine waking to this smell and turning over to find this great steaming log on the pillow right next to your face - SHE DID THAT - while claiming to be afraid and scared of him because he was a drunk abuser, and it just goes to show that the sexes ARE NOT EQUAL when he is INSTANTLY fired from many contracts for future work BECAUSE the studios see HIM as the abused LONG BEFORE IT HAS EVEN COME TO COURT - and the presumption that the man must be guilty HAS TO STOP - FOR AS WE SEE HERE, SHE WAS THE ABUSER and she kept working as if nothing had happened. No studio stopped her working. Listening to the case so far - she is out of control and is a rampant repeat abuser and needs HER loosing everything as she has made him and we all need to realise when a women screams abuse, there is just as much abuse from women to men but it tends to go unreported.

Men are NOT the only abusers.

Women abuse as well yet society buys into the tears and believes a women over a man and this is wrong.

Look at the travesty below to see who is the real abuser but who has paid the higher price.

This nonsensical battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp shows who’s obviously worse.

Let’s evaluate Heard’s relationships: ( that's her...)

Honourable mentions:

  • Heard was arrested at an airport for attacking her ex wife in 2009.

  • All her relationships ended in court rooms. Most of which due to abuse or assault.

  • There’s a recording of Heard admitting to abusing and assaulting Johnny Depp.

  • Heard’s make-up artist said she had no bruises the day after she accused him of hitting, punching, throwing her around by her hair and throwing a magnum glass bottle of champagne at her.

Her Own Parents: Don’t talk to her anymore, and instead talks to her ex boyfriend: Johnny Depp. Whom they fully support. Even her parents stopped talking to her.

Elon Musk: Heard accused Musk of hiding a listening bug in her Tesla. With no proof at all.

Johnny Depp: She accused Depp of abuse in 2018, with no proof. This has given Depp’s right to sue for defamation. But he has lost a job with Pirates of the Caribbean.

She broke a divorce papers agreement by talking about Depp in an interview. Obviously she was taking absolute rubbish and slander.

Depp has lost millions because of Amber Heard.

Let’s evaluate Johnny Depp’s relationships:

  • All his ex’s, each and every single one, defends him in such good light.

  • Has no previous background to assaulting a partner or abusing.

  • Heard’s own parents are defending Depp.

Johnny Depp has not done anything wrong in this situation. Amber Heard is devious, attention-seeking, money wanting, and a compulsive liar; abuser and assaulter.
I get Depp has done bad things, but haven’t we all. Abuse on the other hand is not a good thing to be okay with.
In this situation specifically: Heard is worse.

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