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hairy men

My sister married a very handsome man 4 decades ago who had the most beautiful hairy chest. It was one of those perfect bodies, muscular, tall, handsome and hairy. But - my sister hated hairy men.

Makes little sense when her gay brother would have licked him all over - not literally as he was married to my sister for a brief period before she died aged 38 - and it always seems such a waste when hairy men marry women who do not appreciate their hairiness.

Same goes for sexual practices. So many of my clients when I was an escort told me how their wives / girlfriends rarely sucked dick, never rimmed and so much more that simply was not on the menu and considering gay men are - to be blunt - a great deal more sexually liberated than most women are - at least 50% of my clientelle were married men, bored with sex at home and wanting to experiment and try some things their wives would never allow but that they had seen in porn films pr even heard about and they would almost beg to try anything new and not the same old boring sex available at home. I apprreciate opposites attract, but there has to be some meeting in the middle somewhere.

Here are some hairy men for you to salivate over.


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