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hairy men of the week

Send me your pictures to share, whether of yourself or just some hot piece of tottie you have seen some place, and let's all share the fantasy.

Hamilton Hall Hotel - ERxckusively Men Only.

Having been a Leather Master for 2 decades with a full sex dungeon with tens of thousands of £$ worth of equipment, and having lived the whole leather thing for a long time, I now see it for what it is, as another form of drag - butch drag.

One evening in a leather sex club, dressed in my usual leather attire, I have never had so much attention... guys were all over me like a rash. The next week - same bar - same people - me this time in jeans and a T shirt and I was invisible. It was the leather they had seen and were attracted to the week before and not the fleesh and blood inside the leather. So it is partly the person within and it is largely the fantasy of the leather and the fantasy of what is inside the leather and all too often, butch macho men are NOT what you find at all, but hairdressers, cabin crew, shop assistance and normal every day people and somehow, this does not marry the leather fantasy in your head at all. Normal every day guys are not the fantasy when you imagine some hung leather stud who is going to take control and dominate and - well you get the picture.

You know when you are getting old / and or boring - when you look at the picture below and admire the bed cover, or the lamp in the background... more than you do the hairy legs...

WOW - great hairy legs...

Bet he has to wash out the bath afterwards...

Think I've used this one before, but have had so many requests for it again...

If at school they used this picture when teaching about 'The Man in the Iron Mask' - I might have paid more attention...

Watch out for the series on 'Men with Tight Balls.' coming soon.

Marry me...


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