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Is this Al Parker below ?




'The telephone rang and I answered with my usual greeting:- '30 PLUS ESCORTS - How can I help you ?'

As it was not, on this occasion, a client wanting to meet a guy, but someone looking for work on my escort agency so I asked what he looked like.

He answered - ' My name is Marcello and I am 34 years old, 6' tall, Italian American, Muscular build, hairy chest and well hung around 9 inches.'

Well naturally I wanted to meet this guy as this was exactly what my escort agency specialized in, so we arranged for him to visit later that afternoon. Remember folks, this was nothing new to me as I had run my own escort agency specializing in masseurs' and escorts OVER the age of 30 - for more than a decade by now and had interviewed hundreds of people over the years - some were truly world class stunners and some were absolute dogs with an over inflated ego as to their looks, abilities and what their worth was on the paid for sex market. Masses of men fantasize about selling sex without the faintest clue what is involved and as most are absolutely not good enough mentally, physically or emotionally - I have always suggested leaving it to those who are strong enough mentally otherwise , it can destroy you.

A few would be accepted while others refused.

The door bell went a couple of hours later.

I answered and there was this Italian American at the door called Marcello - and BOY he was breathtakingly handsome.

He smiled ( and I melted ) and we passed the usual small talk as he came in and was taken to my office where has was offered refreshments and we chattered about where he as from and why he was in the country.

He had taken a two year sabbatical from work in New York to travel for a couple of years ending his touring in London for the last 6 months ( as much as his Visa would allow ) and he wanted to earn some money to help pay for his stay ( renting a room in a flat etc. ) and saw my advert for ESCORTS WANTED and came and applied. He thought he would be too old as most escorts are young - but as I specialized in older guys, he was a dream come true.

We chatted and I explained how the agency worked and how we were the only agency in London to take Credit Cards and how this worked to save him and myself any problems with clients and he was delighted at the professionalism of how I worked and that it was not just some back street sleazy and mega tacky set up so often found in the sex industry. He was pleased to find a professional and decently run business that worked to protect the escort as much as we did the client and as I was also a sex worker - I knew the ins and outs of the business whereas - many other agencies were run by those who had never sold sex personally and had absolutely no idea what was involved, and this was always a bonus for the staff who then knew they could trust me.

We chatted and laughed for about 45 minutes and eventually I had him strip for me so I could see his body etc. as I had been bullshitted before and escorts had not been as described when naked and I had to see for myself.

At this point I would always turn away and be working at my desk while I gave them plenty of time to strip and fluff a little - and on turning around I was faced with one of the most sexy and stunning naked men I had ever seen, and believe me, running an escort agency means I got to see and meet a LOT of stunning guys. But Marcello - well he was something else.

I told him he would do very well on the agency and I am sure there would be a lot of work for him and as he was a top - the fucker - he would do well as that was what I was asked for the most by clients. Hung top guys.

As we chatted I would always let them know I was ' in the business' and commented on how I had a full sex dungeon - and his eyes lit up. Like most people, he had never seen a sex dungeon before and asked if he could see it and being as he was still naked, I did say he could dress - but he asked if he could stay naked and - er - well yes sure you can.

So I took him in to show him the sex dungeon, which blew him away.