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Hairy Naked Men of the week

as this picture proves, MEN CAN MULTI TASK...

CAN YOU TELL ME WHICH FOUR PICTURES ARE OF THE SAME TWO MODEL FROM THESE BELOW. There really are some beautiful people out there and some quite take your breath away - especially if sitting on your face .. ha ha - and some age well while many do not and age - sadly - catches up with all of us and as we mature, and as the body changes, we adapt and change along with it and grow into the person we are inside and not so much who we are on the outside, which matters less as we get older. We learn that beauty - true beauty, is on the inside and that is why many on the gay scene are inside out ( there is nothing deeper on the inside, what you see on the outside is all there is ... ) and true beauty that shines from an older person - with confidence and not arrogance - with self awareness not ego - with concern and compassion for others not just all about self all the time - and that makes for a decent human being, a truly beautiful person, who consioders others - who is thoughtful and compassionate and above all else, NICE.