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Hairy V Smooth X Rated

Not quite sure the time involved in taking these before and after pictures as the background items do not move but one would presume it to take an hour or so to have a complete body shave and nothing in the background has moved at all,


FOR ME, AS SOON AS I SAW THE HAIRY PICTURE IT WAS HORNY AND SEXY. I am personally very smooth and have always liked the opposite - hairier the better. HOW ABOUT YOU ?

There is a certain amount of trickery involved here as it is the same man below, same photo, same background, so maybe there is some computer thing that fakes it.

I use to do a lot of ' Back, Sack and Crack' when I was a sex worker and never kicked someone and drew blood, mostly because I was good at what I did. I was asked to totally shave a man like this one below - and he was as hairy and as handsome and he looked completely different at the end and even he said it looked better hairy and grew it back. For me trimming him , it was a sin - as I worshipped his hairy body while he hated it and after going for a while clean shaven and all smooth, the men he attracted fell away and his sex life took a dive. He was just any other tall, handsome smooth man - whereas before he was the same but hairy, and there are more smooth men out there than there are hairy and hairy scored higher for him than being smooth, hence he regrew the body hair.

Share with us your hairy v smooth stories and pictures. Get involved.
Do not be a ' GoAlonger' - Get involved.

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