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Confessions of a Male Sex Worker. One late Sunday morning - a client phoned and wanted to come round and get fucked - which was a normal request from this client as I knew him well. Japanese business man who loved big dick. He asked if he could bring a friend with him but that I WAS NOT to tell him I was an escort / sex worker - just that I was a friend he enjoyed sex with occasionally.

Naturally I agreed.

He turned up an hour later with this man in tow who looked - while dressed, to be quite hunky and sexy.- 5'10 and broad.

Anyway - The friend took his T Shirt off and the body was exactly like this first one below and while I was use to guys like this on my escort agency, this really did make my mouth drop open - and as I drooled, my mind was racing - ' AT LEAST LET ME HAVE THE BIG DICK BETWEEN THE TWO OF US.' - and he stood there with that fantastic muscular hairy body, and dropped his jeans to show a massive, and I mean a MASSIVE - 10 inch thick uncut cock and low hanging balls and to say I was impressed is putting it lightly. Anyway - we both fucked the customer for the next hour or so and eventually when the client went to take a shower I immediately asked this guy if he was a sex worker - and he admitted he was but that the customer had told him not to tell me as he wanted both of us to assume he could have sex with these two hot sexy guys as friends and NOT because he as paying us both.

We laughed as so many people come out with all sorts of bullshit and this was just another.

I told him I ran an escort agency and if he wanted some work .... and he leapt at the idea, even introducing me later to his lover who was equally as stunning, and between them , they earned a fortune through my agency and many - MANY - clients were over the moon with either - and I earned a fortune through them, and everyone was happy. My agency was

30PLUS - ESCORTS OVER THE AGE OF 30 - We don't employ boys - so try one of our experienced men - long since closed.

and while that was decades ago now, it was great fun for 15 years and I got to see, have, befriend and fuck with tons of hot hot hot men like any of these below as I had tons on my agency and while I would NOT have sex with them unless it was a professional setting with a client, I NEVER took advantage as that is unprofessional ( same as here at Hammy Hall ) and I could / would arrange duo's and ' fuck parties' for clients for good money and always have a great deal of fun while actually being paid a lot of money, but then, I am worth it... ( lol )

It was the best job ever and I bought Hamilton Hall for cash and before you ask, I was 100% legit and even had a city accountant, book keeper and paid tax on money earned as a sex worker and where the tax office knew EXACTLY how I earned the money and taxed me accordingly - on an income they claim was illegally sourced.

So the tax man is nothing more than a PIMP. Many envy. Many resent. Many are jealous. Many admire.




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