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Half full or Half empty - Which are you ?

When a customer sat at the breakfast table and kept complainng and finding fault and having his own 'useful' suggestion as to how Boris and the government 'should have acted' throughout this pandemic, I had to stop him in mid sentence and state that unless he had some brilliant stategy or idea that Boris had not thought of, a plan of action, a way to reduce the stress and spread of this pandemic and unless he had something positIve and helpful to share, as this is something we are all a part of and something that has affected us all in different ways - a positive way forwrd is important otherswise SHUT UP - stop your negative approach as he was just offering a HALF EMPTY look on things rather than a HALF FULL -

as one is not supportive and one is -

one is unhelpful while the other helpful,

one offers doom and gloom while the other hope.

As in anything in life, how you see things - how you process things - how you view life, death and the universe all depends on how you see things and how you observe and how you process.

If all you do is see the down side in everything -

' Boris has done a dreadfgul job and we really needed a better leader '

is much what was stated at the breakfast table this morning and the positive side to look at this is

' We were the first country to be offered mass vaccinations and we are hugely ahead of the rest of Europe in protecting the public so well done Boris.'

as love him or hate him, we are the most vaccinated country in Europe and massibely ahead of many.

A gentle reminder that this kind of pandemic has never happened before and took everyone - every country - by surprise as nothing in living memory has happened like this before and while other flu's went global, kind of - we did not have air travel spreading it around the globe at an unprecedeneted rate - or the news media telling and showing us China etc. and what was going on around the world. We have never had everyone laid off from their jobs and billions of people world wide told to stay at home.

If all you do is complain and find fault with no idea, no suggestion at all of where and how things should have gone, then SHUT UP - your voice is unworthy- your opinion is unworthy and your 'getting it off your chest' helps no one but yourself and considering most ' half full' people will look and hear your words and ignore - because it is negative - you yourself will be ignored as too down - too negative - too half empty - too depressing to be around - a moaner - ..... whereas the positive people who look forwards and not back, look to rebuilding rather than demolishing - re creating a future for all rather than selfishly thinking about self all the time -

which sadly has been the case in many LGBT venues and organisations who vanished during lockdown and offered little and now it is coming to a reopening of society, suddenly are out there sending e mails and drumming up business - but offered nothing at all to support a community in need and many will notice, many will see and many will remember those who did and those who did not help and now it is time to re build, many will come crawling out of the walls clamboring for attention and praise while actually offering nothing all during, they were only seen to be offering something - after the fact.
And this, folks, is just not good enough.

It is all about perspective and how we view things.

How we relate to it.

How we assume things to be.

How we imagine and or even hope things will be -

but so often our viewpoint is blurred with half truths, mistruths, complete bullshit and often manipulation of the truth to sell papers by the media, or see it on Fox / Sky News which is famous for lying and changing the news to suit hidden agendas by billionaire owners - ( or even the BBC who seem to offer wrong turns all the time and get into trouble ( Jimmy Saville - Martin Bashire to name just a few the BBC lied about not knowing when even the tea lady at the BBC knew not to leave a child alone on the set with Jimmy Saville, so claiming ignorance decades later is just a lie ) and we trust and we buy it hook line and sinker and make valued opinions based on fakery, falsehoods, things shared down the pub that a friend told you, or you read it in the Sun Newspaper so it must be true - and that level of ignorance - that level of believing everything you hear - is really dangerous and your viewpoint questionable at best. If you state that this is only your opinion which is likely to change as you learn more, then that is admitting the truth - as no one knows it all and we all will change our views with more input - education - understanding and maturity.

Any truth is only a truth for someone if it resonates as a truth within.

We all have choices where we go and how we behave because of what we have been through and we will all have our moments of melt down, our moments of frustration and boredom and mental health that just for a moment - a minute or even a couple of minutes when we loose it and this does not define us - it is what it is under the circumstances and will / could happen to anyone when stressed or pushed into a corner after such a long time with worries and stress for the future. No one is perfect and assuming others to be perfect will always fail.

Be positive and keep looking forward and of you have nothing to say - stay quiet. You will look more intelligent that way.



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