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Hamilton Hall is still here and offering more than anyone else

Hamilton Hall - 2023 - Diary of Events for the year ahead.

As the New Year approaches and we enter a new phase in all of our lives - Post Brexit - Post Covid - Post Boris - Post Monkey Pox - and dare I say it, Post the lifestyle we have been use to which will now - for all of us - change dramatically - I keep being asked lately if and when we are closing down as this is what is being said amongst some less well informed people.

Probably gossip queens with nothing else to do but spread girlie gossip.





With a full Diary of Events for 2023 and bookings already being accepted for Easter - Hamilton Hall - actually - has never been in such a good place.

For a start: We are fully booked for Christmas and the Naked New Year.

Last year ( April 2021 - April 2022 ) we had a best year yet financially - and this with us offering scores of discounts - AVERAGING 20% OFF LAST YEARS PRICES - and unlike many venues we have not increased our prices to cover the excess utilities and extra costs involved, and people have visited to cheer themselves up and we have offered discounts to enable those less well off to still attend and enjoy - and where everyone needs a few days away to chill and recharge - and we are here for that - more than any other venue open for men only.

With so many groups and organisations abandoning their members throughout lockdown and only creeping out from under a log after it was all over, - and while many felt abandoned and just deserted by organisations and groups they thought they could trust, Hamilton Hall kept in touch throughout with our new Blog / Newsletter each week and being here to take calls and e mails and letters from people who were / are lonely, isolated and needing to reach out to fellow gay men who offer support and understanding - not just ego attitude sadly so often offered by so many.

So why didn't anyone else - other groups - other organisations, keep in touch with their members fully during lockdown. Fully since. Fully supporting and keeping in touch ??

No fame perhaps.

No glory ?

No one paying them ?

The thought of spending hours and hours every week on a non profit venture like this Blog, is beyond some people - but not me. It also costs around £2,000 a year for the bulk commercial e mail sender - so not cheap - and when I see people in need - I act - and I don't think about what I will gain, I think of what YOU might gain, and that's where many - MANY - on the LGBT scene go wrong.

It is not all about them.

It is about what we can do to help with the loneliness, the isolation, the sadness and the frustration many have voiced to me and many have been so thoughtful and kind in return.

I received a cheque from a reader of this Blog for £200 as a gift towards the work - and another some time ago for £150. When I was ill recently I received over 50 emails and cards of Get Well Soon - and I am humbled beyond belief.

You see, not everyone takes everything for free.

Not everyone expects others to do it all - and then complain.

Many of our readers are married - with children and even grandchildren and do not live an out gay lifestyle and during lockdown missed - LIKE CRAZY - any kind of contact with other like minded guys and something as simple as our Blog helped.

It also kept us in touch with you as it kept you in touch with us. I am no dummy - and know this is symbiotic.

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