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Happiest countries in the world and more besides.

So there you have it. We are - apparently - number 18 in the world which isn't all that bad, considering.

Mind you, it seems there is a LOT of the world missed on the lost which I would have thought would be included.

This is only one person / newspapers point of view and would your list differ. The top 8 are all cold countries. None are tropical.

What are your thoughts on this ?



Doski Azad, a 23-year old trans woman from the Kurdistan Region in Iraq was brutally murdered in what appears to be a so-called "honor" killing.

Doski was a makeup artist and one of the few publicly out trans women in Iraq, proud of her identity. She was loved and admired by many youth on social media channels, and she was an inspiration and provided hope for the trans community in the region.

On Monday, January 31, Kurdish police reported her murder. They identified her brother as her murderer in the preliminary investigation. Apparently, he's on the run and managed to flee the country to Turkey.

This is not the first time a trans person was killed in the region. Last year, another trans woman known as Misho was also murdered by family members but the killers were never brought to justice.

That's why activist Zhiar Ali launched a petition, urging the authorities to bring Doski Azad's murderer to justice and to do a better job at protecting LGBT+ people in Kurdistan.

Help Zhiar by signing the petition and sharing it in your networks.





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