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he/him/she/her/it/they/them - too confusing for words

What the ?????

I was sent an e mail today and it was signed - Fred ( him/he) - and after looking skywards, I cringed at how silly, and how petulant it was. As if I cared.

It may be how we are moving forward on this planet but it does not fare well for the future.

If a man can claim to be a women and take part in a women' only weight lifting sport, and he is 6' with a muscular hairy frame and a full beard and a penis - but claims to recognise as a women ( FFS ) yet enjoys a vastly superior muscle mass - OF A MAN - and he wins by lifting a HUGE weight compared to the women, then this spells the end of women's sport for good as who the hell can compete.

It's an absolute mockery - a farce - and a poor imitation of reality and cannot be taken seriously - SO WHY THE HELL IS IT ?

Why is a man allowed in a women's prison when he has been prosecuted for raping a women, but claims he recognises now as a woman, and is them jailed with women who he goes on to rape yet again - and the absolute moron who claimed his ' rights as a trans ' meant he recognised as a women even though fully - FULLY - as a man - ( cock and balls, hairy body, beard etc = MALE ) and allowed him into a women's prison is like putting the lion into the lambs pen and expecting the lion, as it claims to recognise as a lamb, to play safe and gentle.

It's a load of bollocks. It really is. Nobody cares. You can call yourself whatever you want but do NOT expect and demand I follow along with it.

I knew a man decades ago who recognised as a 5 year old little girl yet relied on the adult side of him to work and pay the bills and even afford the little girls MASSIVE booties and panties and dress etc. The little girl was just a part of the whole and he could never be that little girl as it was ridiculous - he was 6'4' and weighed in at over 220lb - so one hell of a five year old. ( Imagine any Mother squeezing that fucker out of her vagina ??? That's going to leave some stretch marks for sure... and one HAS to laugh at the site - at the whole idea and the whole concept of it. It may be considered disrespectful, but still hugely funny - the size of his cute little booties - a massive size 13's. ) That's one hell of a baby girl.

There are ONLY TWO SEXES - male and female

What you feel inside is something else but until you change your gender through years of therapy and operations and surgical procedures, then you are the sex of your birth - male or female.

If you feel differently, then that is a personal issue and does not mean I have to buy into your body / gender dysphoria - although I will offer respect and worth as a human being struggling with such things, but DO NOT DEMAND ANYTHING FROM ME - or I will show you a sincere lack of respect as you are also not respecting me for simply getting it wrong on occasions.

Q : - Why do so many take it personally ?

A :- Because they want to.

Q :- Why ?

A :- Attention seeking.

Transsexual really have very little in common with LGB men and women as we are NOT THE SAME AT ALL.... most trans are not even gay or lesbian. Most trans I have met, and over the years I have met a lot, most - but not all - are straight married men / women with children and in some cases, grandchildren - and when they come out as trans, their desires for the opposite sex does not change and they go from being a straight man/ women to a gay man or a lesbian and so enter a totally different world - which must be an eye opener for them and not an easy path forward. I truly respect those do venture down this road.

I don't usually like Piers Morgan but to a point I have to agree with him here...

If someone wants to call themselves something that is completely different to their body type, as in masculine ( male ) or feminine ( female ) and as there are no other sexualities - then any mistake made is really up to the one claiming to be an it or a them or an us - to cope with.

My first name is Michael, not John.

I was always Michael up until the age of 30 when I took my middle name - John - as entering the sex industry I thought I needed a separate identity to protect myself and so took my middle name - John - in business, and Michael in my private life - but it just got so confusing - so I decided just to be John and it did take my family a long time to get use to it and even now they make the occasional mistake and I have been John for almost 40 years, yet at no time am I offended or upset or screaming for attention - much as so many trans or anyone with a non conforming pronoun, and this tells me they are just screaming for attention. They WANT to be seen as different and maybe this is because they have nothing else to offer.

It's so boring it beggars belief and I am NOT about to ask someone's pronoun at all and will always take them on face value and if that is incorrect, they can tell me and if they get all upset, they can own it ... I will respect and follow accordingly and if I make mistakes, that is called ' being human' but DO NOT expect me to ask what your pronoun is - it is not up to me.

Boring uninteresting people screaming for attention as they have nothing else to offer and would otherwise be sat at the back of the room sulking - and that really is something for them to cope with AND NOT ME.

So why are 'its' and 'them' and he/she's making such a damned fuss if and when someone gets it wrong ?

Why are teachers being sacked for using the wrong pronoun and who allowed this insanity in the first place... Oh I just remembered- AMERICA. This woke attitude comes from America and why are we copying such stupidity ?

If we get your pronoun incorrect - GET OVER IT - and if we call you by the wrong name or the wrong sex or whatever - and if your looks are indecipherable as male or female or cat or dog or bat - then tough shit - GET OVER IT. OWN IT.

Too much mental health here. Too much coming to the surface and making something unusual and very rare, a common place thing and believe me, I am quite happy as a gay man with a cock and balls and you can call me whatever you like and believe me, I have been called a lot of things, but I do not take offense as I know I have acock and balls and am - although quite camp in many ways - ALL MAN.

Even writing that made me giggle....

and if you CHOOSE TO TAKE OFFENSE - as everything we do in life is a CHOICE - then you will bore the shit out of me and I will disregard you as unworthy in my life. Period.

Lesbians, gays and trans of all shapes and sizes have been in my life experience for over 50 years and I do not need a lecture if and when someone decides to change their pronoun - and when a friend complained because I called him by his old name ( he changed it to avoid paying child support ) I told him off for complaining as - it's HIM who has to be accepting of others getting it wrong and not us - who may make a genuine mistake - and if you choose to get all upset, it says a great deal about your mental health and how fucked up you really are.

I accept everyone on face value. You want to play games and mess with your head and try and mess with mine, you will loose all respect I have - while I have absolute respect for genuine trans people as that journey cannot be an easy one, but has very little to actually do with the gay world at all.

I have been an out gay man since I was 15 years of age - and now at 68, have seen and experienced and respected and valued all sexualities and all people as worthy - absolutely worthy, but scream at me, shout I am wrong, deny someone else an opinion and complain when they get it wrong, or it differs from your viewpoint and where you are NOT allowing others to learn and grow through the experience, it says a great deal about how YOU are with your sexuality and how you DEMAND respect - and anyone who DEMANDS respect - gets none at all and will be dismissed form my world.

It takes time and education. It takes understanding and making a fuss and complaining and bemoaning about others disrespecting you - gets you absolutely nowhere - but through gentle and friendly education and input, moves mountains. Trouble is, too many people are aggressive and make demands and then, I pull away and shut down the conversation as I am now - not interested.

Be gentle with others as this is all new to the millions out there who - quite simply - do not understand - just as many gay men do not understand the trans world, and screaming for attention just pushes the mass away and this is then harmful - and while we all want to move forward, pushing against does not help.

On the whole, gay men fought for equality and went to prison and fought the good fight and now others are jumping on our band waggon with absolutely no thought of the gay men who got us here and have taken over the whole agenda for themselves, and that earns very little from me.


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